It is that Day of the Year Again

It is that Day of the Year Again!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Everybody! This sound will be ringing inside your ears very soon as ‘That Day of the Year’ is just about to arrive. It is Christmas time again and one just cannot control his/her excitement. There is so much to be done. A Christmas tree has to be decorated, Carols to be practiced, Choirs to be sung with, Gifts to be bought, Relatives to be assembled, the Christmas Parade to be witnessed and so many movies and cartoons related to the day to be seen on TV. December 25 is just round the corner and preparations across the globe are on. The Birth of Jesus Christ will be commemorated by a Visit to the Nearby Church, after which the day is all set to be enjoyed and reveled in.

Preparations start a week earlier for what is said to be the most unnerving week of the year. This is the most anticipated day, as the day is meant to usher in a lot of happiness for the coming year. Christmas is the most celebrated day in the West. Fairytales have it that Christmas Eve is when Santa Claus is said to arrive through the Chimney at Midnight, on his sleigh pulled by his favorite reindeers; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. He is said to drop in gifts for the whole family, which the kids scamper through first when they wake up on Christmas.

Prayers are offered first in the Morning when families wake up to the occasion. They go to the nearby Church, pray for their well being, congratulate each other and get ready for the festivities. Christmas trees are decorated with stationary and lights with the Star being placed on top of the tree. Lots of gifts are kept under it, which eventually get unwrapped in the evening. Throughout the day, carols are sung and Jesus is praised.

One also gets to see the Christmas Parade during morning hours which contains many famous cartoon characters, meant for entertaining crowds and get broadcast on TV. The time is best to catch up with relatives and friends and enquire how life is. A lot of talk is preceded by intense preparations to celebrate and usually dinner too is had together; a multi course meal starting with soup, moving onto a dish and finally culminating with desert.

The familiar Sound can be recalled again in the night just before sleep…Ho! Ho! Ho!

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