Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

The most important step, after having decided to outsource your IT and ITES related requirements to offshore firms, is identifying the right outsourcing partner. If you have no idea how to find an outsourcing partner, search for “offshore outsourcing services” or “outsourcing firms”. Make a list of such companies.
Go through their websites to get a first hand idea about the company and its capabilities. Send an enquiry about your requirement to the companies whose website gives you first hand impression of their capabilities. Set timelines for the responses and see how you are getting company’s response to your outsourcing requirement.
Analyse all the proposals and see what is the best suitable for your need.Choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks. This is the most important stage where one should really spend time before taking any quick decision. When your organization has to select an outsourcing partner for IT or ITES services, clearly defining what you want can go a long way in helping you take the right decision. 
Before choosing an outsource partner, ask the following questions: 
  • How is the proposal’s quality?
  • How is the response time?
  • How are the company’s credentials?
  • How is the communication skill of account manager?
  • How is their strategic approach/process to drive the outsourcing partnership?
  • Is there any onsite representative available?

Following tips can Help You Ensure that You Find the Best Offshore Outsourcing Partner for Your Business:

Ask For References:

Before finalizing your outsourcing partner, ask for references from your offshore partner, do the references check and see the customer’s feedback. You can find out more about the quality of the services, timely deliveries and customer support services with these references. 

Communicate with Your Outsourcing Partner:

Check the communication and technical skills of the Team Leader/Project Manager who will lead your project. Good communication can assure you about the outsourcing relationship and required key technical competencies of the team.  


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Response Time:

Before taking the final decision, you need to consider the response time of your offshore partner.

Request for a Non-Disclosure (NDA) Format:

Remember that you should always ensure that all confidential information is protected and to ensure this check the format of NDA.

Communication Plan:

Don’t forget to request a communication plan to make the process effective and fruitful.


Contributed by:
Mr. Narayan Mohapatra

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