Why Should You Choose To Automate Your Application Tests

Software testing is an active topic on which there are various discussions and debates. Few organizations agree that it is an integral part of software development, while few others take it casually and don’t give software testing much importance. Irrespective of the development methodology, the ultimate goal of testing remains the same and it is to make sure that whatever is created does exactly what it is supposed to do. In this blog, I would discuss with you more about automate testing.

Why Would You Plan to Automate a Test for Your Application?

Testers of a company often get involved in checking the software in order to ensure that the code can actually deliver the needs of the business. During the sprint, when the testing team is under pressure to deliver the project within the given time frame, it is actually tough to test all the planned scenarios. It is here that automated test scripts are of great advantage.

Why do we prefer to automate a test?

This is one of the most important questions that I always ask interview candidates and most of them miss the main reason to automate a test. Let’s understand it clearly today.

Increased test coverage: We all are aware of the fact that automation increases the test coverage. But what is coverage? Test coverage measures the amount of testing that is performed by a set of test. With a mature automation test, it would be easy to run hundreds of tests in a relatively short time. Because of this reason, we can create more test cases, and more test scenarios and even test more input data for any given feature, thereby increasing more confidence that the system is performing according to the expectation.

Saves time: The main reason of performing automated testing is repeatability. We usually automate a test because it requires testing the same thing over and over again. Executing it manually involves a lot of time, which could be easily saved by automating the task. Though it requires an initial effort to script the automated tests, it saves a lot of time once it is successful and there are no hiccups in the execution process.

Improve Quality: Automated tests offer a quick feedback and alert about the application and this allows the testers to make any code changes that have affected the system. But automated testing doesn’t improve the quality and there is no guarantee that bugs cannot escape into production. The quality can be improved only by ensuring correct practices followed from the start to the end of the development cycle.

So, next time you are planning to automate the test, think how often you are going to execute the test as it is most effective only when there are repeatable tests to be done.


  • I like the blog you have written. But could you please share some more Quality Assurance process to get a bug free website?

  • All of the points are true in the context of automation software testing but it is also true that it is rather expensive and most of the organizations can’t afford it. So I prefer to do manual testing however it takes time.

  • I’m really impressed by the information this blog has given and thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

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