Why to Consider WordPress for Your Startup Business?

Many clients come to our office with a confused face for help before developing their website. They are unable to decide which CMS to use for their startup company as there are multiple choices before them. Many people assume that WordPress is not a good CMS for their business and consider it as a free blogging platform. But, based on my years of experience in using different CMS platforms, I suggest them to invest in WordPress for various good reasons. I clearly explain them that WordPress has become a multipurpose CMS and is a wonderful option for startup companies. If they still are not convinced, then here are some points that I discuss with them.

Small businesses or startup companies are usually attracted towards something that is free as they have limited budgets. WordPress development has become a one stop solution for effective and high quality website building and it is able to cater to even the most crucial business needs in today’s scenario.

Cost effective means: WordPress development is the most widely used CMS in the world and it is very easy to handle even for the beginners. The learning curve is easy and individuals without very high technical knowledge can add pages, posts, images and products with just a few clicks. This eliminates the initial cost of hiring a coder to design the website from scratch and thus has a great effect on the budget and saves a great deal of money in the long run.

Customization:  One main attraction of using WordPress development is that it offers numerous themes and plugins that can be easily downloaded from within its dashboard. With over 30,000 free and unique plugins available and more than 3000 themes, it makes it easy for the developers to achieve everything that they require for a startup business.

Code quality and regulations: Most modern WordPress themes that are now released in the market are coded by developers who are highly efficient in modern programming languages that include JavaScript, CSS3 or HTML5. So, the users don’t have to go back to old programming and they can proceed at a faster pace.

Better SEO implementation: Startup companies need to gain online visibility to target a huge market base and for this WordPress is the best CMS as it helps them to keep up with the best practices that are imposed by Google. There are useful tools that can be implemented for efficient SEO strategies and this helps to gain a higher ranking in the SERP and attract more visitors to the site.

Responsive website: WordPress development is now something more than just a content management platform. It helps you to create responsive websites and the features allow the site to function perfectly on all the devices that the site is opened. WordPress helps to maximize the site’s accessibility through smartphones and tablets.

Email management: As a startup business owner, email management should be one of your prime means to communicate to your customers and WordPress offers great email management extensions and plugins that makes it easy to sell the products and target potential customers.

Thus, to conclude, I can suggest that, make a list of all that you want to achieve from your website and how you want to build it and then consider WordPress, as it offers design, functionality and a professional image to your brand.


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