How Sitefinity Harnesses Cognitive AI Services to Deliver High Web Performance

In the recent years, the scope and recognition of Artificial intelligence and related technologies such as- Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Text Mining, Neural Network and Cognitive Computing has grown to a substantial extent.

The possible applications for Artificial Intelligence are quite extensive and are already included in our daily routine. From Siri/Alexa/Cortana/Google Voice Assistant to Netflix videos recommendations, based on our viewing pattern, all are based on applications of AI.

AI and Cognitive computing are the words often used interchangeably, but there are obvious distinctions in the approaches and objectives of these two. Although, both indicate their promising and imperative role in the coming future, both the technologies hold different meaning when brought to the practical use.

AI can be defined as- “The simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, especially computer systems.

These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction.” But, when it comes to Cognitive computing, it is difficult to define it explicitly. Tech experts describe it as- cognitive computing systems actually intend to simulate human thought processes.

Cognitive computing is the individual technology that performs a specific task that facilitates human intelligence.

On the other hand, AI empowers a computer to be smart to an extent of being smarter than humans.

The good news is, now you can integrate Cognitive services with Sitefinity WCMS for content generation, content analysis, providing sentiments, hashtags, categories, and auto generated summaries.

This integration can boost the quality of the content and can save a significant amount of time and efforts. In this blog, we will explain how it can be done in Sitefinity.


How Sitefinity Cognitive Module, Admin App Extension SDK and Sitefinity Web App Works?


Cognitive Module

The cognitive module handles upload events and when it gets the image, it sends it to Azure computer vision API to provide Meta data and CognitiveImageProcessor checks for the adult content. To analyze the text Sitefinity uses Aylien .NET SDK.


Admin App Extension SDK

The admin app extension SDK helps to plug a button in the new UI and analyze the text. To learn how to extend Sitefinity Admin App you need to read this article.


Sitefinity Web App

The Sitefinity Web App provides the ability to distribute the cognitive capabilities with an add-on.


Install the add-on and get the API keys and endpoints from Microsoft Cognitive Services and Aylien. Now go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->CognitiveServices and enter it there. You can now generate splendid piece of content with the help of AI.


Cognitive Services


Image Processing

Once the add-on is installed, the Sitefinity cognitive module will send the images to Microsoft vision service to generate Meta data, such as- Keywords, Alt Tags etc. and check for the inappropriate content in the image. Following is a sample image of how it works. The content in the green boxes is generated automatically using cognitive computing.

Note: To make the results more precise and accurate, the cognitive services that you use need to be trained in your business verticals.


Cognitive Text


Text Analysis

When you plugin Admin App extension to your website and install the Cognitive service add-ons, you will notice a green button at the right side of the content editor, “Analyze text” written on it. When you click that button, it will generate all Meta data instantly.



Cognitive Text Analysis


Apart from analyzing texts and images, Cognitive services can also help in adding categories from a suggestion list, hashtag suggestion, blog/article summary creation and lot more. Leveraging all these services will definitely help you save time and efforts.


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