Why Developers should consider Node JS

Why Developers Should Consider Node.JS For Their Web Development Tasks

Node.js has always been enjoyed by the developers since its launch and this open source cross platform has been written in JavaScript that makes it a wonderful choice for developing real time applications. Node.js comes with rich features and this has helped the developers to create web servers and networking tools.

Additionally, its applications can also be run on a wide range of servers that includes Microsoft Windows, Unix, Mac OS X. Here in this blog, I will explain what makes Node.js development so great and what is the hype all about.


Prominent Reasons to Use Node.JS for Your Web Application


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, which means that there is a specific infrastructure to develop and run the software applications. The company describes Node as a JavaScript runtime that is built of Chrome V8 engine.


Encourages Sharing:

The platform encourages sharing in the presence of the Node Package Manager or NPM. It comes with a repository of 50,000 packages that help the developers to easily create effective solutions.

The inbuilt NPM helps the developers share, update, and reuse the codes with utmost ease. It can be stated that the package is a consistent and robust solution for the developers.


High Speed: 

Node.js uses the V8 engine and it is written in JavaScript and has an excellent running speed. Another important thing about it is that it also makes the running of the codes much faster and can increase the speed of any framework. The developers only have to write the program correctly and the application adheres to the prescribed steps.


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Best for Real Time Applications:

The amazing features help the developers to create real time applications like the chats and the gaming apps. It is best for programs that need an event based server and also non-blocking driven server. Renowned platforms like eBay, PayPal, Linkedin and etc. have all been using Node.js.


Serves as a Proxy Server: 

Node.js has some effective features that may be used to proxy various services with differences in their response time. It can be used to stream the data from various other sources. for e.g., if a server side application is used with some third party resources, collecting data or storing images additionally, then Node.js can be used as a proxy server, if in case the organization lacks any professional proxy infrastructure.


Single Codebase:

Node.js is now a game changing technology as the developers can write JavaScript server-side and client –side coding. It is very simple to synchronize and send the data between two points automatically and this helps the developers to save a lot of time.

Besides its multiple benefits, node.js is still in a budding phase and is also gaining popularity, which could prove to be a turning point of any web development business.


What is Node.JS Used For?


Since Node.js can use JavaScript on the server, this means that the developers can write JS outside the browser. It has the same strength as that of JavaScript and it is used by the developers to create real time apps, like an upload system, a chat or any app that has to handle large numbers of requests.

It can be used for streaming data, create a single page app, web applications, APIs. Proxy, Dashboards and etc.


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