WordPress Managed Hosting Best WordPress Hosts You Need to Know for 2020

WordPress Managed Hosting: Best WordPress Hosts You Need to Know for 2020

WordPress CMS is the most popular platform that has powered over 2 million websites all over the globe. And if you too are one of them, then it is highly important that you host your website that is managed well so that your site doesn’t face any downtime or performance issues. Companies using WordPress CMS development will need to handle some basic hosting administrative tasks like installing it, checking the security, speed and WordPress updates, daily backups, scalability and website uptime.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Since your website has to be hosted on one platform to make it live and present it before the audience, WordPress Managed hosting has been optimized for the WordPress sites specifically. More than that, it uses the features from side services that revolve around things like the expert support, backups, automatic updates and etc. eventually, hosting your website on a managed WordPress hosting platform offers you the freedom to not to worry about the technical stud and simply focus on the core objective of your website, running your business, marketing the content and selling the products and etc.

When should You Opt for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Most importantly, WordPress hosting services allow you an easy access to expert support which is always ready to solve any issue that crop up on your site. With shared hosting plans, you have no certainty that the person on the other hand will be knowledgeable or not, and this can be easily solved with managed WordPress hosting.

  • Your WordPress website is growing rapidly
  • Website is experiencing spikes in traffic
  • Business websites can afford to be offline
  • You don’t have much technical knowledge to handle WordPress hassles
  • Website owners who value great support and responds fast to any issues
  • Businesses looking for growth and seeking for platform that can help


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Some Managed WordPress Hosting Services:  A Comparison:

SiteGround: this offers the cheapest managed hosting plans for WordPress website development and caters to both the bloggers and non-technical people and also the developers who need advanced features like Git integration and staging areas.

Bluehost:  This comes with various hosting plans that depends on the type of your needs and the type of your website which you want to launch.  One of the most interesting and powerful ones is their “WP PRO” tire that is a complete and fully managed setup. You get a classic Bluehost’s web server admin panel and also an all in one marketing center and dashboard,  email marketing features, SEO features and other social media tools. the servers have also been optimized for the performance and no matter whatever tire you choose, you can easily launch an unlimited number of websites and set up unlimited domain names and subdomains.

WP Engine Another most important WordPress hosting service provider is the WP Engine which offers managed solutions that are somewhere in the middle of the road between the developer friendly and the beginner friendly WordPress hosting. It has CDN included for all the plans, is highly scalable, comes with free automated migration, 24.7 chat support and also includes SSL certificates.


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