Why Magento is the Topmost Ecommerce Platform Over Others

Why Magento is the Topmost Ecommerce Platform Over Others?

The eCommerce industry has shown a remarkable growth in the last few years. With millions of online shoppers all over the world, it has become a requisite for the businesses to have an excellent presence on the web. These days e-store owners want an effective eCommerce solution that provides both scalability and flexibility to grow their businesses.

To get a fully functional eCommerce website that is bestowed with world-class features is no longer a challenging task. Yes, it’s true. There is a plethora of open-source web app platforms that you can choose to accomplish your goal. Magento is amongst them, which has over millions of downloads and that’s why businesses are deploying this platform and seeking assistance from the leading Magento web development company for the same.

Here are the main reasons why Magento stands out from the rest of the eCommerce platforms:

  • Magento is Open-Source

With the open-source platform, the website owners enjoy the flexibility to modify their content marketing system. If there is any particular feature that Magento lacks behind, the users are free to suggest it. The best part about Magento community is that it is dynamic and consistently growing. The e-store owners will get information about its different functionalities through this medium only. That’s the reason why it custom Magento development is becoming popular with every passing day.

  • Magento is SEO-Friendly

Compared to other platforms like Shopify and OpenCart, Magento is more SEO-friendly. The store owners can sell out their digital products with an ease using this platform. To ensure online success of your store, it is important to become the favorite of the search engines. Google provides better indexing to your site if it deployed with rich snippets, meta titles, and descriptions. Its community edition is highly responsive and effortlessly adjusts to the screen size of any device.

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  • Magento Extension Marketplace

Magento provides an extension called Magento connect. With this, it becomes easy to download fresh extensions which can be further added to the Magento Connect Manager. This leverage user to install extensions without any hassle, and it also eliminates the need to extract, download or upload the files using FTP.

  • Magento Provides Robust Security

Security is the topmost concern of every store owner out there. With Magento, you can expect a higher level of security for your website. You can spot the vulnerabilities and bugs by checking out the scores of source codes. If any bug is found, it can be resolved in the upcoming update from the community’s end. This platform guarantees ultimate level of security and privacy as compared to other eCommerce platforms.


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