Why Android App Bundles are Becoming Popular Among Top Business

Why Android App Bundles Are Becoming Popular Amongst Businesses?

Building a successful Android app is both tricky and time taking. During the Android app development process, the developers have to undergo different challenges such as targeting various API versions, UI control for various tools just to name a few. With the inception of Android app bundles, these have been transferred to the Google Play Store.

What is an Android App Bundle?

Android App Bundle launched in 2018 is now considered as the gold standard for publishing of the apps on the Google Play Store. This format of publishing provides a highly efficient way for creating and releasing an app in contrast to the Android Package Manager.

Advantages of Using Google Android App Bundle

Here are the top advantages of Android app bundle for developing an app:

Reduces Size

Today, the mobile users look for an app that occupies less space on their devices. With Android app bundles, you can significantly decrease the size of your app. This is because these are used for generating and optimizing APKs for distribution to various device configurations and languages.

Boosts Installation Rate

We are familiar with the fact that devices come with a limited storage capacity. By installing the app that takes up maximum space will eventually hamper the device’s functionality. With smaller app size, the installation rate of the Android app will get increased to a great extent. This can be possible with Android bundles as they compress the app size.

Accelerates Development Process

As we know that creating an app takes up a lot of time. When Android app bundle will be utilized, the entire development process will get speed up. From designing to the final deployment, everything will get completed on the stipulated time frame. This will ensure faster time to market and provide a competitive edge on the web.

Faster Download

Thanks to Android App Bundle, your app will be designed for each and every Google device. Owing to this fact, it will eliminate the need to download extra code and irrelevant resources. This will raise the download speed of the app, which will encourage more installation by the users.

Enabling Dynamic Delivery

App Bundles have made us versed with the concept of “Dynamic Delivery”. This involves delivering the conditional features during the installation based on the properties such as device features, device version, etc. Furthermore, the users will get the facility for installing features on an on-demand basis instead of the installation time. Not only this, they can get rid of the features that they’re no longer using.

Choose an Android app development company that will help you in building an app utilizing the Android app bundle. You will find many options online, but decide anything only proper analysis on the internet. This will aid in making the conducive decision in the long run.

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