5 Reasons Why SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is Reliable Option for SharePoint Development

Building a comprehensive SharePoint solution is not a daunting task anymore. With the advent of SharePoint Framework, the things have simplified for the betterment of the organization. This can be attributed to the customization capabilities and advanced development toolkit that it comes with.  

Owing to this fact, it has now become the effective choice for the development of SharePoint, and used for the creation of web pages and other type of front-end apps. Apart from that, it is compatible with SharePoint Online, Office 365, and on-premises SharePoint.

Why Use SPFx for the SharePoint Development?

Here, in this post, we’ve discussed the reasons why you should choose SPFx for the SharePoint development. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Modern Technologies

To enhance the SharePoint user experience, it deploys the latest stacks and technologies such as NPM (Node.js), TypeScript, Yeoman just to name a few. It also makes use of the JavaScript framework for building SharePoint. This leverages the developers to create a solution that is packed with advanced tools and technologies.

Excellent Community Support

One of the best things about SharePoint framework is that it comes with strong community support. If the SharePoint developers have any issue, they can quickly refer to that support to get the effective and speedy solution for the same. In addition to this, it provides valuable assistance in creating a development roadmap.

Better Customization

Having a SharePoint solution that is customized to suit the existing business environment is crucial. This is why SPFx provides the great customization options to add the features in the SharePoint that will be best-suited for your business operations.

Higher Compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility, SharePoint Framework is the best option to go with. It has been designed to function seamlessly with SharePoint Online and On-premises ranging from classic to the latest portals excluding the SharePoint 2013.

Platforms Extensibility

Apart from having compatibility with SharePoint Online and On-premises, it can be used for extending the development of Microsoft Teams apps and Microsoft Viva Connections customization, and adding additional features to it.

Hire SharePoint Development Experts for Successful Results

Choose a trusted SharePoint development company that can utilize the SPFx to create an advanced SharePoint solution that matches with your business interests. They’ll understand your project requirements thoroughly, and work in accordance with it to render a quality service.


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