Understanding the Significance of Displaying Accurate Delivery Dates for Magento Store

Delivery is the last step in the purchasing process of every Magento store. While making any order, the customers expect a speedy delivery. They check the delivery date apart from the price during the checkout. It is a decisive factor whether they’ll go ahead with the purchase or not. Therefore, you should clearly indicate the earliest date to retain them.

There are certain internal (communication problem, transportation issues) and external factors (poor weather conditions, holidays, or weekends) that might cause the delay in the delivery process. You need to work on them, and ensure the efficient delivery throughout to build a credibility for your brand.

If you’ve spent your hard-earned money in the Magento web development, then it is crucial to provide the customers the estimated delivery date of the order. This will make them learn when they’ll get their hands on the products.

To make the customers satisfied with your services, you should provide them the different delivery options such as:

Schedule Dates & Times

You can allow the customers to select the date and time for receiving the orders. This leverages them to pick their preferable slot for the delivery based on their availability.

Delivery Messages

Apart from choosing the delivery timings, the customers also wanted other information related to the products that they’ve ordered. You can allow them to write messages for the product inquiries to gain insights.

Benefits of Displaying the Estimated Delivery Dates During the Checkout Process

Ensures Convenience

You can provide the customers a detailed calendar where they can choose the delivery slot. If in case, you are not available on the estimated date, then you can opt for other deliver date as per your convenience. With this, you’ll be able to get the products in accordance with the date that you’ve picked on the calendar.  

Builds Customer Trust

When you display the estimated delivery date, you are committing a time period in which you will deliver the products at the doorstep of the customers. By meeting it, you can inculcate the trust in their minds for your brand, and achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Robust Security

A delivery date option offers a higher level of security in the long run. It clearly signifies the fact that when the customer is available to receive the order by the delivery person. When you schedule the delivery, it makes the person not to leave the order at the doorstep, which is not a reliable option for sure.

Businesses that are planning to build a Magento store from scratch are advised to take assistance from the leading Magento web development company. Make sure to specify them about optimizing the delivery process of the store for an enhanced customer service experience.

Not only this, there are plenty of extensions available that can add the estimated delivery date option to your Magento store. You can have a look at them, and opt for the suitable one for your store.


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