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Learn2Care provides comprehensive caregiver training solutions to home care agencies for improving their caregiver’s skills while ensuring compliance through an effective and intuitive online training. The site provides a fully responsive solution that allows caregivers to learn on-the-go.

Learn2Care Multitenant Moodle LMS solution
learn2care Moodle based website


    The client approached IDS Logic with lots of requirements that are listed down below:

  • Admin can’t give editing permissions to tenants such as creating/editing/deleting quiz, etc., in the shared courses.
  • The users at any tenant instance will be unable to create/edit/delete quiz, course or any other resource pushed by admin to tenant instance.
  • The tenant manager can build their own courses and add course material only if allowed by admin.
  • Teacher/Sub-admin at tenant instance can assign courses and inherent resources to the students (caregivers).


After thorough analysis of the client’s requirements, we’ve provided them the solutions that matches their specifications.

  • Shared courses didn’t have editing permission to tenants.
  • Courses creation and enrolled in course can be done either by admin, or by the sub-admin/tenant manager.
  • Different profiles can be created with ease such a caregiver, manager, teacher, and lots more.
  • Assignment, quiz facility, caregiver training certification, and report generation feature also included in this training solution.


Customized the project as per client’s requirements

We created a Multitenant Moodle LMS/CMS that comes with features to benefit both the administrators and students. Moreover, the website offers a functional Moodle LMS that runs remarkably without any technical issue.

Learn2Care- Custom Moodle development solution

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