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“LearnEnglish is a reputed and professional online English course provider to learners so that they can access the website and select their preferred course module according to their specific needs. The different types of courses in English are especially designed to transform their English language skills with intensive learning programs. The courses help the students to make their communication stronger and clear and all the courses are supported with PowerPoint presentations, videos, quizzes and reading exercises. It is with these varied programs that the learners can easily improve their communication skills for their workplace or school and also improve their grammar, pronunciation and overall vocabulary.”

Learn English Moodle LMS Case Study
Learn English Moodle Based website


  • LearnEnglish wanted their administrators and educators to gain deeper insights into the time devoted by the learners on their courses and manage the activities and support strategies based on the reports generated from the time spent module.
  • They wanted to ensure that the learners were engaged with their courses and spent the maximum time to complete the course and enhance their skills.
  • LearnEnglish was unable to monitor the total time spent by the student on the course and so they wanted to develop a module which could help them do the task and monitor the performance of the student over time.
  • This was definitely an issue of concern and time spent is also an essential factor in the educational production and on academic achievement.
  • The study time is important to measure as it helps to enhance the learning outcomes and help the students to attain their personal goals.


Solutions that fulfilled the Learnenglish’s requirements

LearnEnglish was already using a website built on Moodle 3.3.1. and IDS Logic has helped them to create two customized plugins so that they could track the total time spent on the courses by their learners.
Plugin 1:
Our Moodle experts developed this plugin, which helped to select a particular date range of a student and then view their records and activities by running some calculations on the logs. The administrators and educators can use it to view the time spent and accordingly choose some activities or support plans to help the student boost their performance.
The teacher or administrator can generate the report on the user level:

  • Select a date range (normally from month’s start to end)
  • See all the courses that the student has accessed during the date range
  • Check the time spent in each of the courses during the date range
  • View the Grades associated with the course during the date range

Plugin 2:
This module is used to export the required data in the form of reports so that it can be viewed by the administrators and educators. The reports helped the admins to further check the student’s activities, which is based on the time spent by the learner and whether he has reached the minimum time spent on the course. This report helps to analyze the reasons behind this less tie and choose support and engagement features for that particular student so that he or she can stay for a longer time in the course and achieve their learning goals.

  • Select a cohort
  • Select date range from – to
  • Export to Excel with the following information grouped per student: Courses accessed, Grade per course achieved, Time spent in each course, Total time spent online in date range, Average grade for tests completed
LMS Platoform


Developed Plugins & Integrated them with Existing Application

  • Our LMS developers created the two plugins and integrated them with the client’s existing application.
  • This helped them to easily track the total time spent on their course and it also generated a report which helped them to analyze the condition and offer deeper insights into the student engagement factors.
  • his analysis also helped to boost their performance and help retain the students.
Learn English Case Study

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