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“NIRDPR is a reputed e-learning platform that helps the learners to access a wide range of courses from any location and anytime. The courses are related to skill development, social audits, Panchayati Raj and livelihoods that can be registered as per the needs of the learners. The site offers the learners a great opportunity to continue their learning process and stay connected virtually and also attend various training sessions and workshops that are organized by NIRDPR in their campus.”

NIRDPR E-Learning Platform
NIRDPR Moodle Platform


  • NIRDPR had a website that offered various online courses, which could be accessed by the students or learners.
  • But with time, as their learner base grew, it became difficult for them to manage the web content, update their courses, manage the new registration process and keep a track of the performance of the students.
  • They had plans to implement an LMS, but was not very sure of its performance.
  • They wanted a reliable and expert LMS development company that could help them create the site with features and help them enhance the user experience.


Solutions that fulfilled NIRDPR’s requirements

  • NIRDPR was already using Moodle with a basic UI features.
  • They were actually checking whether Moodle LMS could meet all their specific requirements or not.
  • After they used it and evaluated the performance, they came to the conclusion that a highly customized and scalable solution could be developed in Moodle and it can be used to enhance the performance of the site.
  • IDS Logic has a team of Moodle experts who offered a highly customized and upgraded LMS solution that offers a flawless and feature rich user interface that offers an excellent user experience, without compromising on the performance of the system.
  • We helped them develop a multi-tenant Moodle solution that could handle about 150000 users approximately and offers a customized user interface that is based on their brand and UX specifications specified by the client.
  • The solution also delivered course content written in 7 different Indian languages.
  • Besides all these features, several other customizations have also been offered at the functional level, like analytics at lowest level of granularity, customizable learning path generated as per the user’s preferences and interests, Assessment module and custom attendance module and etc.
LMS Platform


Customized the project as per client’s requirements

  • Once the LMS Moodle site was launched, it helped the client to offer unlimited access to their e-learning materials and courses via a rich user interface.
  • The administrators had complete control on the course content, registration, access rights, and the learner’s performance could also be easily evaluated.
  • All the data gathered from varied sources helped to gather deeper insights and Moodle ultimately allowed them to serve the learners in a better manner and help them boost their specific skills via their courses.
NIRDPR Moodle based website

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