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“Stopped by police is a legal firm that has expertise in handling cases where individuals face a driving ban due to some issues. The firm has a team of drink driving defense experts who can help the victims to find solutions when they are charged with a drink driving offense. With more than 20 years of experience, the company can defend such cases and offer guidance to their clients with options that are confidential. They show the victims the right way to proceed.”

Stopped by police case study
Stopped by Police


  • The client already had a website from which they offered multiple services and this made it difficult for them to share specific information to the visitors looking for a particular service. The website was not attractive and lacked the look and feel of a professional website.
  • It also had space issues and the pages were not user friendly. They were looking to develop a separate website for one of their services so that the information could be shared in a better manner with the visitors.
  • They also wanted to boost their customer base and have a great marketing strategy for better results. They were in search of a professional digital marketing company that could help them build a great site, optimize it and also run a PPC campaign for targeted visitors.


Solutions that fulfilled Stopped by Police’s requirements

Once we had an initial discussion with the client to understand their requirements, our designers and developers came together to create a website that had a professional look and offered service related information in an effective manner. The client had an old PPC page, which was under performing and so we encouraged them to build a fresh one. Convincing them for the new development was in fact a challenging task.

  • We created a new design for the site with strong spam control, soft colors for better presentation, a contact form, call to action buttons, great web content presentation format and many more.
  • Since the client was not looking for any advanced technology, HTML5 was used to create the pages and present the content.
  • Our digital marketing experts also created a PPC campaign strategy so that the potential and targeted audience could be reached out at the right moment and when they are actually ready to convert. The PPC page now presented the web content in a user friendly manner and helped to attract high quality leads.
Digital Marketing Platform


Customized the Project as per Client’s Requirements

  • Once the website was designed and launched, it gave a professional touch to the site and presented content in an effective manner. The contact us form helped the customers to visit the site and gather service details as per their specific needs.
  • It was now very easy to navigate and gather information about the service. The PPC campaign helped to boost the brand awareness and establish the business as an authority in the industry. It also helped to increase the conversion rate and generate higher revenues.
  • The client could now target the local market, analyze the performance of the site and make changes accordingly.
SBP case study

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