Emma’s Diary

“Emma’s Diary is one of the leading websites of UK that offer pregnancy advice and baby week-by-week information. The website delivers all the necessary information that is related to pregnancy and parenting.”


Being involved in a highly competitive online industry, Emma’s Diary was searching for effective internet marketing and ORM strategies along with customized web development that can help the company to manage content on over 2000 webpages as well as add 100 webpages on a daily basis – thereby resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.


  • We integrated a robust and scalable CMS- Sitefinity to help them manage content on over 2000 webpages available at the website.
  • We integrated an open-source and SEO friendly discussion forum to help them capitalize on the opportunity of user generated content.
  • We researched & identified over 150, highly competitive, keywords which are traffic generating as well as conversion oriented.
  • We successfully promoted over 100 keywords to rank on page 1 on Google and other search engines.
  • A/B split testing & multivariate testing.
  • Flash sales promotion.


  • Organic conversions increased by nearly 120%
  • Increase in organic visits by 99%
  • Keyword ranking on top 10 positions increased over 70%
  • Awareness on over 10000 search queries on Google
  • Exceeded target for goal conversions
  • Organic search traffic share increased from 28% to 48%

From the client

"IDS skill definitely lies in problem solving. If you have the commercial goal in your business that you need to accomplish, IDS will definitely be able to guide you in right direction. Marketing expertise, development expertise and SEO with PPC mixed is very well."

Chris Manko
Technical and Systems Architect
Emma’s Diary | Lifecycle Marketing (Mother & Baby) Ltd

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