“Holostik India is a frontrunner in the field of Holography. Being a leading manufacturer of holograms and allied products in India, the company has indeed played a revolutionary role in the introduction and promotion of security holograms in the country.”


The challenge was to come up with an effective QR Code scanner that can assist in checking the authenticity of any product as well as successfully managing the database.

How We Helped

  • We designed an effective QR Code scanner that can help in validating the genuineness of the products
  • This application is extremely useful in QR Code validation, existence checking, fetching of the requisite detail and getting confirmation if already checked
  • We also delivered window web services like ASMX along with managing databases such as MS Access and web feed services


  • The QR Code scanner turned out to be extremely resourceful and got projected as a complete solution for validating the authenticity of any product
  • The application helped in delivering all the relevant information about a particular product
  • The information could be as wide ranging as the Excise Number, Status, Customer Name, Display Date, Product, Duty Rate Color and so forth
  • It consisted of two options – Scanning the QR Code of the product by using the camera of a device; and manually via SMS functionality

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