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Fix Broken Links with Our 301 Redirect Module

If you have a Sitefinity website, chances are there that some time or the other you may have some broken links as your hosting expires, your site messes up during Sitefinity migration or due to any typo errors. Whatever be the reason, broken links are internal links to the pages that return a 404 error or page not found message. It is a web page that can’t be found or even accessed by the user for varied reasons. The reasons may be:



  • The website owner has entered an incorrect URL
  • The structure of your site has changed without a proper redirect
  • Links to the content that has been deleted or moved
  • Any broken elements within the page
  • Any geolocation restrictions or firewall that does not allow outside access

How 301 Redirect can Help to Fix Broken Links?

The best means to fix any broken link on your web page is to use the 301 redirect. This is the best means to ensure that the search engines and the users are redirected to the correct page. When the user requests a URL and the servers shows the status code of 301 moved permanently, it means that the requested URL has been moved permanently to a new location. The user can now use the new URL as it has replaced the old page. The 301 redirect is a permanent redirect.

When Should You Use 301 Redirects for Your Sitefinity Website?

301 redirects can be used in a multitude of scenarios that include:

  • Moving your website to a new domain
  • Cleaning up the dynamic urls and redirecting them to search engine friendly versions
  • Preventing any duplicate content problems

301 Redirect Module for Sitefinity Website by IDS Logic

When Sitefinity migration is performed from any other CMS, it offers the opportunity to restructure the pages and group them for better and easier navigation for SEO. And this leads to a change in the URL and a 404 error is observed in Google Analytics before the site is launched. It is important to ensure that all the broken links are properly redirected to a page that the users can view.
Several years ago Sitefinity added a functionality to create a redirect, but it could not handle hundreds of redirects at once. The challenge was that Sitefinity websites having bulk redirects became a cumbersome and time consuming task. So, IDS Logic decided to create a module which helped:

  • To mention the source and the target and manage bulk redirects for an entire website
  • Upload any Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or Text files that included the source link, the redirect and the status redirect
  • Make amendments and changes in the source file or the target file accordingly and view the redirections

We can help our customers to easily implement this 301 import and export module in Sitefinity, so that it helps them to manage the redirects using the visual interface.
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