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Connect With Your Audience via the Advanced Blog Module

Making a business stand out from the crowd is what every business owner targets. And to grow online audience, it is very important to connect with your target customers. Blogging is one such means that helps to maintain an online presence, stand out of the market competition and obtain more customers. Knowing its benefits and the role blogs play in a business, you should absolutely add a section to your website.


Business Benefits of Adding a Blog Section to Your Site:

Business growth doesn’t happen without efforts. It is important to know your target audience and offer them the information they need to keep them updated about everything related to your products, services or any events. Blogs help to:

  • Increase the search engine traffic
  • Offer support to social media initiatives
  • Build authority in the industry
  • Generate inbound links
  • Improve the conversion rates
  • Increase the trust factor of the brand
  • Allow valuable discussion
  • Increase business leads

Adding a blog section to your company’s website is the best means to differentiate between yourself and your competitors. It is by providing them your own unique thoughts that you can naturally grow the customer’s trust and finally the sales.

The Blog Module of Sitefinity:

If you have a Sitefinity website, then you must be aware that it comes with a blog feature that allows the users to create blogs and blog posts. The CMS backend offers you with a user friendly interface. On the page with the blog post, you can write a comment on the box and it offers only a single field and text format.
There are certain limitations of this inbuilt Sitefinity blog feature, as it doesn’t allow uploading any images in the comment box or add a star rating to the blog post. The feature also doesn’t support an AMP version of the blog and this is very important as most users try to read blogs while on the go. The Sitefinity blog feature doesn’t offer profanity checking that helps to filter obscene and other unwanted content to keep your brand pure.

Advanced Blog Module for Sitefinity by IDS Logic:

Keeping in mind the limitations of Sitefinity inbuilt blog feature, we have decided to create a blog module with some added features that can help the users to become more creative, manage the blogger’s profile, add SEO settings, and also get detailed reports about latest posts. With our blog module, you can:

  • Add a comment on the blog post and add star ratings
  • HTML formatting support
  • Create posts and customize by attaching images, set meta and etc.
  • Multiple options to select from drop down menus and check boxes
  • Supports multilevel category tree and view list by categories
  • Add review to any blog
  • Assign author to each blog so that the user can see who has written it
  • Profanity filtering helps to filter words that are harmful for the brand
  • Manage bloggers profiles efficiently
  • Add snippets for blogs to be displayed in the footer section of the home page
  • SEO setting for optimization
  • Generate complete report about blogs, their posting dates, comments on them etc.
  • Complete support of AMP version of the blog

We have developed this advanced blog module for Sitefinity websites. If you are a Sitefinity user and want similar blog modules, then we have the codes ready for you. In case of any other customizations, our Sitefinity developers can add extra features to the existing ones easily.
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