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Add Credibility to Your Business with Advanced Review Module

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the fact that reputation is an invaluable asset of your business. What people tell about your services or products matters a lot and this is especially true when they are saying everything online. Online reviews are very important as they help others to determine which services and products are best. Since they are personalized assessments, they hold a great effect on the behavior of the public. And positive reviews often help to boost your website authority resulting to more conversions and sales.



Why are Online Reviews So Important for Your Website?

  • Online reviews help your visitors to make informed decisions
  • People trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations
  • Positive reviews often make people trust a local business
  • Fresh reviews have a huge impact on website SEO
  • Boost the conversion rate and generates higher revenues
  • Helps to identify the weaker areas and work on them

Why Should You Include a Review Section on Your Sitefinity Website?

Sitefinity is a feature rich CMS and helps to have complete control of your web content. Adding a review section on your site will help you to add fresh content continually to various pages and this will have a great impact on the Search Engine Optimization. The more reviews your product page have, the more likely Google will feature your services or products in the search results.
Any online review from the users always helps other visitors of the site to build the trust with the brand. It helps to make the company appear more credible and also encourage potential customers to make a purchase. It is by hearing from the users directly that you can reevaluate and improve some aspects of your business that holds great importance to the customers.

The Limitations of the Inbuilt Sitefinity Review Module:

Sitefinity comes with a lot of features that help to create a feature rich site, but some of its features have limited functionalities only and this restricts the users from using it as per their needs. The Sitefinity review module only allows you to add a comment on the comment box and submit a star rating. It doesn’t allow adding elaborate reviews, images or any other customizations based on the business needs.

IDS Logic Creates the Advanced Review Module for Sitefinity Website

Keeping the limitations of the inbuilt review feature of Sitefinity, expert developers from IDS Logic has created an advanced review module that allows the website owners to add reviews with more added features

Our review module is a great opportunity

  • To speak to the customers
  • Know their opinions.
  • Increase their trust
  • Attract their attention more easily

This Sitefinity CMS add-on offers a comment box where the users can pen down their experience of using any specific product or service which acts as a guide for others.
With this customized review module, Sitefinity website owners can also add questionnaires, based on which the users can give specific answers. The questions are displayed stepwise and the module also allows to add relevant images. Short snippets about these long reviews can now be displayed at the footer of the home page of the site and this increases the visibility of the reviews and help to attract customers.
Our Sitefinity developers have a clear understanding and can create a full tailor made review module according to your business needs.
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