A site search box helps the visitors to search relevant content on the site and elastic search has come up with some advanced features that makes this search all the more efficient.


Elastic Search Module

Websites that are developed today are mostly packed with features and a wealth of information that the visitors can go through before they contact a company or take a purchasing decision. With so much information, visitors often find it very difficult to determine whether they will find the exact information that they are looking for. Adding a site search box in your website can help your visitors to carry out a quick search and gather relevant information that are valuable to them.

Elastic Search Module


Benefits of Enhanced Website Search Box:

Search box often acts as a channel of interaction between the user and the system and the user can access any information through a query to which the system returns a search result. For any website, that contains a lot of information, a search box is crucial. It gives the visitors the ability to find information in a user friendly manner. Some benefits that a search box offers:

  • Easily satisfies the visitor’s information needs
  • Quickest means to find exact and relevant information
  • Site search makes the website customer centric
  • Saves important time
  • Improves the user experience

Customers looking for service or product information from a business website having huge information often face the issue of a long time in information retrieval. This leads to bad user experience and results to missing potential customers.
Adding fast and flexible full search text to website can be a challenging task. Most mainstream databases offer very basic text search capabilities and Sitefinity also comes with an in-built search option. But it has its own limitation. So, to implement high quality text search, a separate data store is the best option before you.

What is Elastic Search?

Elastic search is a leading open source data store that is highly optimized to perform flexible and full text search. It is able to attain a fast search response because it doesn’t search the text directly, but searches an index instead. This is similar to retrieving the pages in a book by looking at the index given at the start of a book.

The Benefits of Using It:

  • Build on top of Lucene, which provides the most powerful search capabilities
  • Elastic search offers full text search and returns the document that match exactly
  • It is a document oriented and stores complex entities as structured JSON document increasing the performance
  • Stores large quantities of semi structured data in a distributed manner
  • It helps the users with a list of suggested queries
  • It can also be used to geo localize any product

Features of Our Elastic Search Module for Sitefinity Website

The Sitefinity search feature has some limitations in it and so it cannot offer the best search results. But with our Elastic search module, you can easily store all your data from your site to the elastic search database. The module is customized so that it offers:

  • The search speed is fast and super-fast
  • Operates in a distributed environment which makes your data safe
  • Set the priority of your content as per your business needs
  • Offers complete visibility and control
  • Get enhanced experience with security, reporting, monitoring and etc.

For more information about our elastic search module, you can talk to our Sitefinity support consultants who will guide you with the best solution for your business.

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