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Manage Internal Processes With Intranet Management Module

Whether you have 10 employees in your company or 1000, you need an intranet with all functionalities so as to equip your employees to get the work done efficiently. Intranets have revolutionized business operations and has helped to drive productivity, exchange information and also manage projects with ease. A successful intranet application is one where the users come back for everything they need and it solves a problem and helps the company maintain a process smoothly.



How Using an Intranet can Help Your Business?

An intranet application always makes it easy to collaborate among employees, no matter whatever is their location. They can view reports and share information even if they are in different departments, buildings states or even in different time zones. Intranet helps organizations by:

  • Streamlining functionality of various processes and applications
  • Strengthening internal communications and collaboration
  • Improving all round productivity of employees
  • Introducing strong search capabilities
  • Reducing much paper work and manual errors
  • Building a transparent culture throughout the organization

Whether you are in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance, travel or logistic industry, intranet solutions can help to improve employee performance and can save a lot of time. There are various effective applications available that helps to manage human resources, payments, procurement, document management, contact management, leave, and etc. And all these applications can be customized to suit your unique needs.

Intranet Leave Management Module for Sitefinity:

We have come across many clients who have chosen Sitefinity as their CMS and are willing to add some extra functionalities to their system. Hiring resources for in-house development of such modules often become very costly because it demands expertise, without which there may be chances of errors and your project might not run properly as expected.
One of our Sitefinity client was in need of a leave management system that he could integrate with his Sitefinity website. The details of the module are as follows:
Leave management system is the most common module that every organization needs internally to manage the leave policies of their employees. In modern organizations, there are different kinds of leaves available for the employees and the different leave structure of companies to request and approve the leave often allocate too much time and resources to manage it. Often paper works are difficult to maintain.
Our leave management module in .NET core for Sitefinity integration offers an easy way for the HR team or management to administer leave, grant the leave or customize it as per the employee. It is a platform that enables the company to easily and correctly allocate, grant and track the leaves and allows the employees to request and track their own leaves. Some important features include:

  • Send a request for leave to the relevant superior for approval
  • If the request is denied, a reason has to be mentioned and the applicant will be notified
  • In case of changes in the approved leave request, a fresh request has to be generated
  • In case of changes in unapproved leave request, editing in the same request can be done
  • Offers the employees with a real time visibility of their leave entitlement
  • Allow the employee to submit a paperless leave request
  • Makes it easy to manage overtime and recovery hours
  • Allow the payroll administrator to extract a leave entitlement report of any employee for a specific period
  • Active directory login to self-manage leave information
  • Easy integration with hardware devices like biometrics, swiping machines and etc.

To automate your existing leave process or to reduce the paperwork with efficient, reliable record maintenance, you can choose our leave management module for your Sitefinity website and we can help in integrating it seamlessly.
For any changes or additional features, you can talk to our consultants and they will offer the best Sitefinity solution as per your requirements.

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