Moodle Mobile App

Must Have Features for Your Moodle Mobile App

Mobile learning is becoming highly popular and is another eLearning buzzword. Mobile is undeniably the most important thing because more than 1.5 billion smartphones are shipped every year and it is hard to imagine life without a phone. Moodle is…

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moodle- An Open Source LMS

Is Open Source LMS Like Moodle the Right Choice for You

Open source LMS platforms are trending and they have in fact become essential tools for creating successful online training applications for elearning professionals and business organizations. While choosing the best LMS for your organization, there are multitudes of questions that…

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Moodle H5P Technology

Integration of H5P with Moodle LMS: A Great Match

Moodle is one of the most popular learning platform and it has worked together with Joubel, the creators of H5P to incorporate it into the Moodle LMS. This new integration will bring in hundreds of new users to H5P, which…

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LMS Comparison

4 Best Learning Management Systems Compared

Educational organizations and corporates need to prepare their students and employees for a lucrative career to a certain extent so that they can easily survive in the competitive market.  There are various things that candidates can only learn while on…

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Online Learning

Tips to Update Moodle LMS On The AWS

Are cloud and learning a new concept?  This is not so new, but it has gained much popularity recently. Offering a secure data management is very important for an e-learning course and cloud is the next big thing that the…

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