Impact of AI and Blockchain on Big Data Analytics

The Super Impact of AI and Blockchain On Big Data Analytics

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most popular and revolutionary technologies that has a great impact on the evolution of big data analytics. Today, most organizations want to adopt latest technologies and at the same time play safe…

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Platform for Application Development

Open Source Blockchain Platform for Application Development

Blockchain was specially invented to serve various financial transactions and it has now enhanced the basic services that are involved in trade finance.  At the core, blockchain development is based on a decentralized, distributed and digitalized leger models. It offers…

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Blockchain Technology

How Blockchain Technology Helps to Prevent Financial Frauds

Money laundering and financial frauds have become the latest topic of discussion as this has affected the financial sectors a lot. Someone could use your personal information and gain access to your accounts and carry out transactions. Cyber-attacks have become…

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