Bootstrap in Sitefinity

Using Bootstrap with Sitefinity CMS: A Guide

Whenever we talk about front end development, Bootstrap is the most popular work that the developers have heard of. Bootstrap is one of the most well-known front end development framework that is created by Twitter and is said to be…

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Managing Multilingual Website

Managing Multilingual Website Rollouts Is Easy with These Tips

The internet has helped business owners move far beyond the language barriers and allows websites to offer services to international audiences with multi-lingual solutions. But managing global websites can be a daunting task as it involves proper coordination among several…

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Important Changes in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Important changes in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Asp.NET is a popular web application framework that is developed by Microsoft to enable the programmers to create dynamic websites. It helps the users to use a wide range of programming languages like the C# or VB.NET to easily create…

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Educating The IDS Team for Successful GDPR Implementation

Our developers, designers, marketers and consultants are the core of all our projects. They are aware of the latest technologies and development tools. But do they have the skills that drive data privacy and cyber security excellence? GDPR or General…

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