Top Moodle Plugins for Enhancing eLearning Experience

Moodle has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in the digital education landscape. Renowned for its versatility and expansive capabilities as a learning management system (LMS), what makes this LMS the most popular is Moodle plugins for enhancing elearning experience….

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How to Update Your Moodle Version in 6 Simple Steps?

Do you still use the older version of Moodle LMS? If yes, it’s a high time to make a switch towards its better and advanced version to reap greater benefits. This article will help you understand the underlying steps involved…

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Top LMS Development Trends to Follow in 2023

Much like every year the LMS industry will experience an immense technical transformation that can set new standards for training in corporate sectors. This article will help you understand the LMS development trends that will redefine the training methods. As…

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Why Moodle LMS is Best for Personalized ELearning Experience?

Do you want an effective learning solution that can improve employees’ training and upgrade them with the latest skillset? You’re on the right track! It’s crucial to harness the power of new learning technologies to reap great results.   There…

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Lms-development for healthcare

Tips to Create a Powerful LMS for Healthcare Business

Technological advancements are at its peak in the healthcare industry. It goes without saying that the healthcare professionals need to abreast with the latest innovations in the treatment methods and techniques, and move ahead in their career.    To ensure…

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4 Best LMS Features for Continuing Education (CE)to Know About

When it comes to the technological advancements in the learning sector, the LMS software for the continuing education is the finest example these days. With its inception, it has completely changed the dynamics of the professional training. Precisely, the training…

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Moodle 4.0 is Here- What’s this New version has in Store?

Moodle 4.0 is finally launched! The latest version seems promising for both the trainers and learners as it is offering a modern interface, user-friendly tabbed navigation system, and a redefined course experience throughout. Although, Moodle rolls out the new releases…

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