Sitefinity Development

Important Sitefinity Capabilities for A Productive Business

Marketers and websites owners have similar goals, which is to attract traffic to their business and increase sales, but they often face challenges that differ based on the type of business. With technological advancements and latest tools available, people rely…

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Using Bootstrap with Sitefinity CMS A Guide

Using Bootstrap with Sitefinity CMS: A Guide

Whenever we talk about front end development, Bootstrap is the most popular work that the developers have heard of. Bootstrap is one of the most well-known front end development framework that is created by Twitter and is said to be…

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Critical security risks and how Sitefinity handles them

5 Critical Security Risks and How Sitefinity CMS Handles Them

There are many large organizations ranging from government agencies, financial organizations and etc. that rely on Sitefinity CMS development for delivering their web presence. Such organizations that are looking to deliver the best user experience to their users know very…

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Sitefinity 12 New Features

New Features of Sitefinity 12: Take A Look!

Progress has often come up with latest versions of Sitefinity CMS at regular intervals and the latest versions could be bug fixes, new features, security improvements or hot fixes. So, to take advantage of the latest version, an upgrade is…

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Sitefinity Analytics Module

How to Set Up an Analytics Module in Sitefinity

In this section, we will show how to set up the Analytics module. Sitefinity CMS Analytics module is used to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The module consists of various reports and indicators that give you statistics for…

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How to Make Sitefinity Backend More Secure

The Sitefinity Backend is accessed by adding /Sitefinity to the web site URL. Users are then required to provide a valid username and password. In this blog we will learn how you can add extra layers of security to the…

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