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Moodle: Designed To Help Educators, Learners And Admins With Flexible & Secure Solutions

Moodle, a popular learning management system is used to create e-learning portals and websites by providing a robust system and a personalized learning environment. Built on the PHP platform, it is highly flexible and can be customized to meet specific business needs easily.

As a reliable and reputed Moodle development company, IDS Logic can help you to plan, evaluate and execute your specific learning process for creating and publishing content, monitoring student’s participation and assessing their performance. Whether you are looking to update to the latest Moodle version or want to create an e-learning site from scratch, our PHP developers have the expertise to create solutions that meet all your business requirements.

Our Moodle LMS Development Services

Consultation Services

We are pioneers in offering the most trusted lms consulting services to clients from different industry verticals.

LMS Customization

Our professional and customized Moodle themes are highly attractive and perfectly designed to ensure ease of use and that it meets specific business goals.

LMS Migration and Integration

With us, you can switch to Moodle from your existing LMS and integration of any plugin is simpler, quicker and easier.

LMS Mobile App and Plugin Development

With years of experience in Moodle development, we can develop stable, and error free plugins that are not a part of Moodle’s community, but highly essential for your organization.

LMS Hosting

Our hosting solutions help organizations in India and the U.K. to build a rewarding e-learning experience for the administrators, students and teachers.

LMS Maintenance and Support

We are capable of resolving any technical and administrative issues without wasting time through our support services.


We specialize in end to end Moodle development solutions and have expertise in handling organizations from various sectors. While delivering solutions, we ensure adherence to the strict standards of delivery while maintaining the optimum levels of quality. Partnering with us as your Moodle development company, you can create a wide range of activities with utmost confidence and professionalism.

  • Academic organizations
  • Corporate sectors
  • Public sector
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Charities

Some Benefits of Adopting Learning Management System

If you are an educational organization or a corporate sector willing to enhance and support classroom teaching, then there are effective e-learning platforms that can help to manage, interact and track your students.

Centralized learning:

The training material, reports, audios or videos are available to individuals 24/7 and a learning management system allows multiple users access from any location.

Reduced learning and development costs:

LMS providers help to do away with the instructor travel cost, printed materials, online accommodation rentals etc.


Instant capabilities evaluation:

Students can be easily evaluated prior to taking a course, while participation and upon course completion.


Easy upgradation of product information:

It is easy to change product description, course materials, forms or specifications and upload updated information.

Integrate social learning experiences:

It is easy to integrate social learning into eLearning strategy and attract new learners.

Bringing Innovations to the Learning Technology

We at IDS Logic have a seasoned technical team offering fully customized, robust, fast and secured e-learning management system to our global clients. LMS developers in India in fact help organizations to address the training needs and meet the business goals by integrating all training functions that are spread over the organization.

It is our intensive research methodology that helps us to incorporate elaborate and effective features that aid the learning management solutions. We have the expertise to tailor the solutions to match your business processes and even set new standards by offering highly customizable modules in the LMS.

Our highest priority is to maintain customer relationships and so we make sure to address your most intricate training needs and provide great value for money. With us, it is easy to create great learning courses that your students will enjoy.

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Our Moodle Expertise Includes

  • In-depth understanding of e-learning projects
  • Build strategies to best utilize its functionalities
  • Proficiency in critical installation, plugins, extensions
  • Knowledge in optimum site layout and specifications
  • Ability to integrate with database and external systems
  • Conduct rigorous testing for high reliability and stability

What Else We can Do

  • Moodle implementation and set up
  • Moodle advanced analytics
  • Moodle custom report development
  • Moodle multi-tenancy systems
  • Moodle ecommerce solutions
  • Moodle upgrade to latest version

Top LMS Software for eLearning & Training

We are confident to work on any type of LMS development projects and our innovative concepts allow us to deliver ingenious and user friendly environments suitable for the teachers, students and corporate trainers. Some of the excellent LMS software are:





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can i use LMS from anywhere and any device?
    Yes, LMS works well on all standard and modern browsers and also on different OS. In case you are planning to run a site, then you should be aware of your audience, bandwidth and web browsers. You can access it from anywhere if it is on a web server with the internet and you have a mobile device, tablet or a computer.
  • How Secure is LMS?
    LMS is designed keeping in mind the security of the platform. But a lot of it depends on the web server and the way Moodle is setup or regularly updated. To keep it secured, the administrators and the developers should always upgrade it to the latest version.
  • Are you able to integrate LMS with other software systems?
    Yes, we have many years of experience in integrating into WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc. We also integrate it with eCommerce platforms like Magento, video streaming services like Big Blue Button and etc.
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