Online Learning

The Increased Demand of LMS Solutions and Its Future Forecast

The global learning management system has witnessed continuous growth in various industrial sectors in the past few years and it is stated that the growth will further increase in the coming years. LMS was created basically for the administration, documentation,…

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Bid Goodbye to Moodle.Net and Welcome MoodleNet!

I have been working with Moodle LMS for the past many years and have helped learning organizations and enterprises to create online courses effectively. It is the most popular LMS and is used by academic organizations of all sizes to…

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videos in Moodle

How to Use Videos with Your Moodle Learning Application

With the rapid growth of smartphone and tablets across the globe, students are turning more to online learning course so that they can keep their learning phase continuous.  A video acts as a powerful multimedia tool that helps to capture…

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Top Moodle Themes

Top 10 Free Moodle Themes to Make your Moodle Appear Elegant

1.”Adaptable” (theme_adaptable) 2.“Essential” (theme_essential) 3.“Academi“ (theme_academi) 4.“Eguru“ (theme_eguru) 5.“Moove“ (theme_moove) 6.“Fordson“ (theme_fordson) 7.“Klass“ (theme_klass) 8.“Roshnilite” (theme_roshnilite) 9.“Campus” (theme_campus) 10.“Elegance” (theme_elegance)     1. Adaptable The “Adaptable” theme designed by Jez H and Fernando Acedo defied all expectations and in December…

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