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Are You Looking For A Dedicated Web/Mobile Developer In India?

Do you wish to hire web designer, web developer or SEO/SEM experts from the wide pool of talented resources that India possesses? If so, then IDS Logic should be your preferred outsourcing partner, without a shred of doubt.

Excellent resource hiring becomes a reality when you get access to quality and committed staff in a low cost economy like India.

The era of technology is now!

To make the most of this contemporary world of advanced technologies, you need expert help and guidance. Thus, hiring dedicated web developers for your projects is a modern day necessity. Give your online presence a boost with the years of experience that our team of dedicated developers and designers possesses.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Sitefinity Developer

One of the most sought after ASP.net based CMS system that provides excellent flexibility and scalability.


Magento Developer

An open-source content management system for e-commerce web sites, Magento is the perfect technology for creating a bug-free, upgradable, and high performance eCommerce portal.

SharePoint Developer

SharePoint is one of the top rated tools from Microsoft. This multipurpose, feature rich tool allows users to enjoy several benefits.

Moodle/LMS Developer

Used by millions of educators and learning organizations, Moodle is a popular LMS that helps to create and deliver effective learning environments for teachers and students.

DotNetNuke Developer

One of the most efficient and popular CMS management platform for your website needs. Get the leverage of developing multilingual websites with the technology.

Drupal Developer

With deeper functionalities and more features than other CMSs, Drupal is better equipped to handle your specific needs and it ultimately offers more power and value to your business.

PHP Developer

Our PHP programmers have the expertise to thoroughly analyze the type of PHP web development requirement and create effective solutions that enhance your online presence and add business value.

PHP Framework Developer

Building websites and web applications using PHP? Use the best PHP frameworks to power modern and feature rich web projects while aiming to take the pain out of the development process.
wordpress colour

WordPress Developer

As the most preferred and preeminent open source web platform, WordPress is best when it comes to building a highly interactive, functional and responsive business website.

Orchard Developer

The free and open source content management system has been built on ASP.NET MVC platform. It provides high end functionality and ease of use in developing various bespoke features and functions within any application.

Umbraco Developer

The easy to use and flexible tool allows you to create stunning websites and other web applications quickly and in a simple manner. The technology is based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform and written in C#.

Joomla Developer

One of the most sought after CMS systems of the age; Joomla is the perfect platform that suits the needs of all businesses – a simple website or a complex web application.

Big Data Developer

Big data is all about storing and analyzing volumes of data gathered from various sources and uncovering the relevant features and reports that will help business to take better decisions.

Mobile App Developer

Explore newer concepts and enhance user experience by creating interactive mobile apps on Android, iOS, Windows or Cross platform and remain competitive in the market.

Benefits You Enjoy

Hire dedicated resource(s) from IDS Logic to enjoy all these benefits and much more. And if you are in need of staff augmentation services, then grab the opportunity to better manage your projects by relying on a trusted name in the outsourcing industry.

  • 100% IP Protection
  • Latest & innovative solutions
  • Online progress tracking
  • Efficient management of all your projects
  • Immediate responses to your queries
  • Quality results delivered under your direct control
  • No hidden costs involved
  • Competent project management
  • Result oriented services based on a strong and solid knowledge base
  • Flexible team size
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Activities focused on ethical approach
  • Access to well trained and highly experienced multidisciplinary team of resources

Hire Developers

How Dedicated Resource Hiring can be Cost Effective?

If you require extra resources to help deliver your website/digital project, then hiring dedicated web developers may well be your best option as it has many advantages. Not only can they provide the skills and expertise you need and save time, but they can also assist you in helping to reduce the costs associated with:

  • Recruitment: Save up to 60% compared with conventional in-house recruitment of employees.
  • Training: Ensure successful completion of project without any training cost.
  • Retention of in-house employees: You no longer have to worry about staff benefits, personal management, health & safety.
  • Infrastructure: No need to pay for state of the art infrastructure, just pay for services that you require.

Never miss a business opportunity to increase your capacity by hiring well trained dedicated website developers for your web projects.

How Dedicated Resource Hiring can be Cost Effective?

Trust the Team IDS

At IDS Logic, we understand that clients look for such dedicated resource(s) who can work as an extension of their teams.Our IT staff augmentation helps organizations and enterprises to get additional manpower and skill sets to easily supplement their IT needs. This is the reason why we bring to you the option to have your own dedicated resource or team along with the control on work allocation, status reporting, monitoring and analysis.

To help you get the best of both worlds, we also provide the feature of dedicated outsourcing wherein your hired resource(s) will work in your time zone.

Thus, needless to mention, you are surely able to reap many benefits out of this outsourcing model.

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