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Be it exclusive website for a business or maintaining specially developed blogs and forums online, the spectrum of Wordpress has broadened from single page designing to a wide array of services. But having a smart online image needs effective designing, expertise web development and a creative approach, just the combination we offer you at IDS Logic.

If you are presently operating from Australia, UK, or the US and looking to create a Wordpress site, then we have years of experience in WordPress development in India and worldwide and hundreds of satisfied customers to back up our promise for a smart web image.

At IDS Logic, we do not think that making a website for your business is easy, for it requires uniqueness, perfection and a lot of dedication. But then again, if there are no challenges in the job, what’s the fun in doing it!
Benefits of Custom WordPress Theme Development

Wide Scope

Wordpress website design is perfect for web portals which experience mediocre traffic and need attractive designing. IDS Logic provides you complete control over the online image of your company with effective Wordpress website development. Whether you want a website for a small or large business, or a blog dedicated for promotional or informative activities, you can count on IDS Logic’s team of expert and skilled web developers for the task.

Custom Modules

Getting a bespoke online portal was never this easy. With the ease of development, and endless modules and templates offered by Wordpress and our reliable services, you know that you get the perfect website for your business. We not only design the website according to your needs, but also provide our inputs to help you get the perfect online image and attract the millions of World Wide Web users.

Multilingual Support

One of the most remarkable features of Wordpress is the ability and ease to design a website in almost any language of the earth. And the best part is that we are multilingual as well! With a team comprising the best Wordpress developers in India, IDS Logic is proud to be working with clients from various countries & continents. This is why we are your one stop destination for Wordpress website development!

Case Study

Case Study-Enlighten-Electrical
Enlighten Electrical, built on the WordPress platform is your one stop destination for all your electrical needs covering installations, tests and repairs for both commercial and domestic customers.
Novonutrition is a WordPress CMS based website that is fully responsive and offers its visitors a wide range of protein products. The site has helped the client to target a wider market base and increase their brand awareness.
Dgoldsmith is a fully responsive website that is built on the WordPress platform and offers its visitors a huge resource of information that is related to diabetes and kidney related disease.