phonegap vs xamarin vs titanium

Phonegap vs Xamarin vs Titanium: Pros and Cons

The recent study about mobile vs desktop users shows that more than half of the internet traffic is from a mobile device and almost 79% of smartphone users purchased online using their mobile device. Therefore, key decision makers in ecommerce…

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DApps (Decentralize Apps)

DApps and Its Influence in The Mobile App Development Industry

Most online users are familiar with ‘Apps” which refer to software applications that define a particular goal.  Opposed to the widespread software models that are centralized, decentralized applications provide a smoother and quicker operations that are also free from centralization….

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Essential Features for Mobile App

Essential Features That Your Mobile Application Should Have

To remain competitive in the market, every business should ensure a mobile presence. And this presence starts with creating your regular site into a responsive and mobile optimized app. Once you have received the green signal to proceed, it’s time…

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Mobile app developer

How Mobile App Developers Can Do App Store Optimization?

Creating a mobile application for your business is no longer a news. With more than 2 million mobile apps in the major stores, gaining visibility is one of the biggest challenges faced by software developers today. If you are planning…

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