PHP or Python

PHP or Python: What to Choose for Your Application?

PHP and Python are the two most popular high level programming languages and PHP is a server side scripting language while Python is popular for its simplicity, dynamics and availability.  Besides their identical popularity among the developers, they also have…

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php Development

How PHP 7.3 Can Enhance the Performance of Your Website

The performance of your website depends on a number of factors and the version of your PHP that you are currently running may also be of great importance. Most business owners usually overlook this. PHP is the scripting language that…

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ASP.NET Core 2 Razor

A Guide to ASP.NET Core 2 Razor Pages

Microsoft has introduced the concept of Razor page with Core 2.0. It is still same as existing MVC in some manner, but with a better approach. In Razor, model and controller are included within Razor page itself. In MVC you…

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Top ASP.NET Blogging Platforms to Power Your Website

Developers who are new to the market and are unfamiliar with the ASP.Net community are often curious to know more about the best options for blogging. Though most of the answers spin around WordPress, there are certain situations in which…

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