Latest Shopify Plus Features for 2024 to Improve your Store Performance

Shopify has remained a trusted name for businesses of all sizes. The Shopify plus features have added more scalability to the platform making it ideal for enterprise needs. Talking specially about Shopify plus features, the platform offers functionality that are purpose-driven.

Before we go ahead further let’s understand what is Shopify plus in the global e-commerce scenario.

What is Shopify Plus?

In the simplest term, Shopify is easy to define as a cost-effective e-commerce solution for business. The platform is just exceptional for retailers managing their businesses online.

To understand “What is Shopify Plus” in a detailed manner, it stands out as an enterprise eCommerce platform that enables retailers to swiftly establish a digital storefront for online sales. Retailers can tailor their storefronts to align with their branding, promotions, and marketing strategies, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales on their eCommerce websites.


Designed specifically for large-scale operations and managing substantial data volumes, Shopify Plus empowers retailers to elevate their branding and customer experience to new heights. It’s an eCommerce solution that adapts and scales alongside brands, offering comprehensive support for their growth.

With all that said, you must be wondering why to consider Shopify plus when there are other platforms available?

Let’s dig into the benefits of Shopify plus to get a better understanding

Top Shopify Plus Features

Brands having global appeal not only rely on technology advancements. They also require platforms that fulfil their responsibilities towards users/ clients. This makes Shopify plus a top contender as an eCommerce platform.




Let’s have a look at top Shopify plus features!

  • Fulfils Needs of Global Audience

In today’s era of globalisation, retailers need to serve a worldwide audience. This not only helps them broaden their reach but also enhances the customer experience for international clients.


With Shopify Plus, retailers can create up to 9 additional stores. These stores can be customised to offer a personalised experience to the users. They can also operate under custom domains like .com, .au, .in, .uk, etc. Additionally, business owners can easily sell in multiple currencies and languages through a single login. This eases the burden for managing different platform for different locations.

  • Caters B2B Requirements

In a traditional brick and mortar set-up, businesses collaborate with retailers to sell their products. This may pose limitations contrary to selling products online. However, Shopify plus benefits ensure that the clients have a redefined experience when shopping online from a storefront developed specifically for their requirements.


Shopify plus has a B2B feature that gives wholesalers the access to a separate storefront. This is password protected and therefore there is no requirement to worry about store security.

  • Omnichannel Capability

The omnichannel capability of Shopify plus ensures a consistent experience for users. For eCommerce businesses, it is crucial to sell their products where customers prefer to shop. This way providing an omnichannel eCommerce approach is beneficial. The option allows you to place your shop on multiple channels, ensuring you reach as many potential customers as possible.


With Shopify Plus, retailers can sell their products on 20 online social channels and integrate with platforms in 175 countries. Additionally, businesses can select from over 6600 mobile apps and partners to take advantage of influencers, user-generated content, and authentic product reviews.

  • Customisation and Faster Checkouts

Faster checkouts are the most desired component of offering a desired shopping experience to the clients. This is particularly crucial in product-focused retail, where offerings from one brand are often matched by others, possibly at more competitive prices. Rapid checkouts are the key to ensuring conversions.


Shopify Plus benefits enable you to enhance your eCommerce site for speed and conversion. Its checkout is completely customisable with a mobile-centric design, complemented by Shop Pay for a 60% faster checkout process, resulting in potential conversion increases of up to 18%.

  • Easy Promotions and Marketing

To stay competitive and capitalise on seasonal trends, retail businesses must act in an effortless manner. Shopify Plus provides access to Launchpad app, enabling seamless planning, automation, and execution of marketing campaigns.


This makes it effortless for retailers to manage product launch and sales campaigns. This also allows retailers to schedule bulk changes aligned with ongoing promotions. With Launchpad app, it becomes easier to facilitate campaign management and monitoring.

  • Translates App Store Listing Automatically

In the global marketplace, language barriers can pose a threat to business scalability. Shopify Plus helps tackle this challenge by introducing automatic translation of App Store listings. This feature expands your reach by making your app more accessible to merchants worldwide.


In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, staying competitive is paramount. The new features in Shopify Plus for 2024 are crafted to give you a competitive edge.

  • A Scalable Platform

eCommerce platforms must have the capability of handling increased traffic in the events of sales. In case, the platform provides scalability, it can be utilised for website development concerns. Platform scalability means it can grow with the growing needs of the business.


Shopify plus is designed to handle large volumes of traffic and helps manage any sort of campaign. It can effortlessly cater to the requirements of designing a campaign and managing the same as well. equipped with unlimited bandwidth, it can easily back the business and its growing needs.

  • Unlimited Staff Accounts

An essential element of a scalable eCommerce business is the need for a growing team. This team is needed to manage various aspects of the online store. This management needs an entire team and just not a single staff.


Shopify Plus allows business owners to add multiple team members to the admin dashboard. This capability is typically utilised for tasks such as overseeing new sales promotions, approving customer reviews, updating product pages, and managing orders all through a single dashboard.

What is the Difference Between Shopify and Shopify Plus?


shopify vs shopify plus


For eCommerce businesses, the standard Shopify Plans are available in three different categories. It includes basic Shopify, Shopify and Shopify Advanced. These options exceptionally suit the requirements of small business. These features offer them the required scalability to expand their reach online. There are tools and techniques that make it easy to manage product listing with minimal efforts. The features of Shopify also include an extended list of themes, enterprise plans, access to payment gateways and more.


Shopify plus features, on the other hand are designed for large scale businesses. Both platforms i.e. Shopify and Shopify plus features are same to a great extent. However, Shopify plus provides additional offerings such as merchant success program, customisable checkout, advanced app feature and more.    

Which Businesses can Benefit from Shopify Plus?

Let’s admit it, Shopify plus is expensive. However, if you are a large enterprise looking forward to a long-term success, Shopify plus is the answer for you. Shopify Plus benefits can really prove to be advantageous for players in the eCommerce field. Companies that are already established brands may also consider scaling up to Shopify plus. The benefits of Shopify can also prove to be advantageous for:

  • Enterprise level businesses
  • High-growth merchants
  • B2B companies
  • Luxury brands dealing in fashion, and
  • Store that need multiple store management

A Brief on Shopify Plus Pricing

Starting at $2000/ month annually, Shopify Plus plan can cost upto $24000/ year. This is the price for the plan with license only. Added to that, an extra percentage may be deducted depending upon the business revenue. The fact that Shopify plus pricing is based on the volume of sales and usage, the license cost will increase as well.

In addition to this, Shopify has a fee structure based on revenues. This includes the actual price of the platform. However, there is a ceiling to this pricing and the maximum license fee monthly is around $40,000 per month.

These plans include a number of benefits for the users including:

  • The cost of maintenance
  • Shopify POS solutions
  • Hosting fees
  • Native multi-channel capabilities
  • Account management facilities
  • Version upgrades
  • Onboarding support
  • General Shopify support and suggestion

Shopify has a competitive pricing specially when we consider the cost of hosting. This pricing structure makes it a reasonable choice for eCommerce enterprises.

But what if you have migration requirements? Is it possible to migrate to Shopify plus? The short answer is yes. The following para states how IDS Logic can help you with Shopify migration services.

Shopify Plus Migration Services at IDS Logic

Choosing IDS Logic for Shopify plus benefits that comes with migration services can make the transition easier. With over a decade of experience in providing development, designing, migration, maintenance and support services, IDS Logic can personalise client’s Shopify migration requirements with the following benefits:

An Experienced Team of Shopify Plus Developers

IDS Logic houses an experienced team of Shopify developers equally versed and experienced in providing migration services.

  • Flexible Collaboration Models

We offer a range of packages on hour-based services and therefore clients have the option to choose as per their requirements.

  • Proven Success Record

We have helped thousand of brands get global with the dedicated support of our developers. We are available to offer development services for a wide range of technology.

  • Dedicated Project Manager to Every Project

A dedicated project manager supervises the development process for every project to keep clients informed about every new development. We ensure providing highest-quality services to clients.

Final Thoughts

Switching to a powerful eCommerce platform is crucial for businesses. In today’s fast-paced business world, your platform must have the required scalability to ensure success. The security on the other hand, must be top notch to ensure platform safety.

Shopify plus benefits allow businesses to scale. With exclusive features and benefits, it becomes easier for businesses to streamline operations. This also allows personalising the services for clients depending upon the requirements of the businesses. In order to get all these benefits, the only concern that you need to have in mind is to choose the right Shopify plus service provider to get all the above-written benefits.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Shopify Plus Benefits for Businesses?

Shopify Plus is an excellent option for wholesale B2B businesses because it enables the distribution of management responsibilities across teams and facilitates level-based access and permissions. Additionally, it provides a dedicated account for B2B merchants, offering features like a custom quote calculator, templates, and catalogue sharing for partners.

  2. When to Consider Shopify Plus Upgrade?

Consider upgrading to Shopify Plus if your current platform is struggling to meet demand and manage traffic spikes. Additionally, if you’re expanding into overseas markets, switching to Shopify Plus can assist with inventory management, shopping, banking, currency exchange, as well as support and returns

  3. Is There any Limitation to Shopify Plus?

One limitation of Shopify Plus is its absence of a multi-store architecture, which hinders merchants from efficiently managing multi-brand and international setups compared to other platforms, which includes Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  

  4. What is a key feature option in Shopify plus?

Shopify plus offers a number of key features suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, the most renowned feature includes the availability of unlimited staff personnel accounts. This is an exceptional option to help eCommerce merchants grow their business and automate a number of tasks for better business operations.

  5. Is It Possible to Create a Staging Site on Shopify Plus?

Yes, Shopify plus provides the option to create staging site. There are several steps that are performed to develop the staging site and therefore assistance of a Trusted Shopify development Company is needed. We can help you in creating your staging site on Shopify.

  6. Does Shopify Plus Takes a Percentage of Sales?

Yes, Shopify plus takes some percentage of transaction depending upon the plan clients are using. Therefore, with every Shopify pricing plan subscription, a percentage of the sales is deducted in the transactional fee. As the plan advances, the fees also increase.

  7. Is Shopify Plus a Part of Shopify?

Yes, Shopify plus is primarily considered an omnichannel, enterprise version of Shopify. The platform is designed for fulfiling the needs of larger enterprises. The platform has exceptional features to manage higher sales volumes and the extended marketing needs of large-scale businesses.     


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