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Use Sitefinity to Create Dynamic Content Modules

In this competitive business market, it is vital to keep your customers well informed about your products and services; else you might lose potential customers. Choosing a good CMS platform is the first step towards success and there are plenty of CMS platforms available in the market that are great for growing your business, Sitefinity is a popular platform that offers everything you need to create a dynamic website having great features and functionalities.

Sitefinity also offers numerous modules so that you can add some extra functions to your website. A module represents a backend component that can be used to create, delete or even modify certain types of items. These items can have different data field and can also be multilingual.

“In this blog, I will discuss with you how you can use dynamic Sitefinity modules to encapsulate your website content. The platform is designed for extensibility so that it is easy to relate users to dynamic content modules.”

So the question may now arise, why do you need dynamic content types?

The Purpose of Dynamic Content Type

For many companies, a website is the most important marketing asset and static content will handicap the power of the site.

It should always be telling your companies news and stories in various forms like blogs, whitepapers, videos, slideshows, ebooks and etc. This helps marketers to think like a publisher and present materials to your viewers and readers that is helpful, informative, relevant and entertaining.

Hire Sitefinity Developer

You can create content by using the Sitefinity content modules and this content is reusable and others can view, edit and publish it easily. The items can be displayed on more than one page of your website by using the widgets.

Each item has a widget that is used to display only that specific content item and when you publish it on your website, users can leave comments and even rate it. You can manage these ratings or comments by using the comment module.

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Create and Customize

Different custom fields can be created to a content item like events, news, images to the already existing fields. You can also customize any built in modules so that it satisfies your specific requirements.

The built in modules offer user interface for APIs and for customization tasks. If you are in need of some additional modules rather than the built in ones, then you can create new modules with the help of Module Builder. Like you can create a module for storing and creating frequently asked questions.

While creating any module of your choice, you can choose the fields it contains and dynamic content modules can have more than one content type. When the module is activated, it is visible under the content tab.

“While creating any Sitefinity blog module of your choice, you can choose the fields it contains and dynamic content modules can have more than one content type.”


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