Why Millions of Users Prefer to Use DNN Platform as Their CMS

Why Millions of Users Prefer to Use DNN Platform as Their CMS?

Records have stated that more than 7 million users have downloaded the DNN CMS for their business and have created, managed and published their content through the right channel and format and engaged the audience with their brand.

We all know the importance of keeping our customers interactive and delivering information related to their interests. Though there are many challenges that the marketers and publishers have to consider while delivering content, however choosing a perfect CMS can help to solve them to a great extent.

DNN or DotNetNuke CMS has evolved from Web Content Management to an intelligent CMS offering a wide range of solutions that help to coordinate the tasks seamlessly.

Here I will lay stress on the strengths that make DNN appealing and also compelling to the users:

Ease of use:  One of the most effective feature of the DNN platform that makes it so popular in the CMS marketplace is its easiness to use and navigate. With recent releases, the content can now very easily be separated from the layout, thereby enabling the reuse of content for multiple sites, channels, devices and applications.

There are also online tools available that allows you to check how the platform plays and helps you understand the common tasks like creating a page or controlling the permission or even publishing a blog post.

Cloud computing Most big players in the CMS industry are involved in cloud offerings and so is DNN. The WMC industry is also shifting to the cloud and it is driven by customer demands for shorter time to market, higher productivity, flexible infrastructure and etc.

DNN platform offers solutions that can be hosted either on the cloud or on-premises. But hosting it on the cloud is a challenge for many customers and so DNN offers individual features as a service so that the users can have a multi-tenant SaaS capability whether their solution is on premises or in the cloud.

Multisite management: Since DNN offers a multi-site management in their platform’s core, it stands out from the crowd. With an engineering team continually checking the performance of DNN and stress testing all the other products, they are able to observe whether heavy loads like site users, folders and files make the site slow or is the platform scalable.

These tests ensure that the users can manage multiple sites from a single instance without affecting the performance as they grow.

Extensibility: Another important feature of DNN that makes it so popular is its extensibility. The CMS comes with an Open API and also a commitment to backward compatibility. Another prominent differentiator that makes DNN stand apart from other CMSs is that the DNN store provides the biggest collection of commercially supported third party modules and extensions from multiple vendors.

HTML layout templates: The biggest advantage of DNN blog is that it comes with a very generous use of HTML layout templates. It is combined with rich tokens that offers the users a great deal of flexibility in regards to the layout or functionality of the blog without the need to dig into the source code of the module.

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