Is it Healthy to Invest in React Native for Startups

Is it Healthy to Invest in React Native for Startups?

Before starting to build your business mobile application, you need to do some research about the best platform that you can use to create an effective and efficient app. There are various technologies in the market and each has their own advantages. The mobile application development market has remade everything and today, various apps have become a part of our daily life from booking cabs to ordering food and etc. But one thing that can be really challenging is to choose the best mobile app development platform for your upcoming project.

As stated by technology creators, the JavaScript has rewritten the entire concept of interface development and React Native has gained much popularity among the users. what makes it the right choice or whether react native is a healthy investment or not?

What is React Native?

React native development is a mobile app framework that is created by Facebook and maintains high performance across both the platforms that includes iOS and Android. Using JavaScript, the technology means that you no longer have to create both Android and iOS apps from scratch, which may result in substantial cost savings for your business. Using react native development helps to create apps that maintain the speed, ease of development and the power of native.

React Native is based on React JS and it is a wildly popular library that helps to create web apps which are developed by Facebook. With time, the framework is becoming more powerful and will soon replace the native mobile development.

What Makes the Investment in React Native Worth?

Let’s discuss a few features of react native, which will help you to make an informed decision and that too without having to compromise on the user experience.

Reduced Development Period:

By hiring a react native development company, you can now speed up the process of creating reliable and better apps. Since it is an open source project, it has various components that are easily available and at the same time they also have an expert team to overcome any issues very fast. Reports have stated that a gradual decrease in the development time has helped companies save two most important resources time and money.


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Cross Platform Flexibility:

Most of React’s API’s are cross platform oriented, which means that at least their one component supports with Android or iOS.  React native development technology provides module and supporting file extensions on which the applications are running. This allows the react native developers to define the particular files for specific functions. Thus, it can pick up the right file based upon the OS on which the application is running.

Third Party Compatibility:

This means that the developers need not rely on the web view for some specific functions.  React native is a technology, which will let you easily link any plugin with a specified module and easily connect the map with some device’s functions like rotate, zoom and at the same time maintain the periphery to use less memory and also load faster and effectively.

React Native Offers a Great User Interface:

One most important feature of react native Is its ability to create an impeccable mobile user interface. Since the framework is inclined more towards JavaScript library, the outcome is a great interface that has a highly responding time and flexibility due to the JavaScript interactions with the natural environment. This allows the app to have a shorted loading time compared to hybrid apps.


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