How React Native Development Helps to Reduce Overall Cost of Startup Companies

How React Native Development Helps to Reduce Overall Cost of Startup Companies

With people getting exposed to the internet more and more daily, it is not possible for users to ignore the fact that many startups are rounding up every day. With the numbers crossing hundreds of millions, the only means that startup companies can exist in the tough market competition is by creating amazing mobile applications that can successfully attract the audience. Android and iOS are two most popular platforms that mobile app developers usually choose to capture the market. And React Native development has emerged as one of the most cost effective mobile app development platform.

Here in this blog, we will see how React Native applications help reduce the overall cost. Since there is a high demand for creating mobile apps that can target both the platforms, React Native has gained much popularity. It helps to create applications that are cross platform and can accommodate more startups for benefits.

What is a Cross Platform Application Development?

Cross platform apps are mobile applications or software that helps to target various platforms with just one round of coding. When a mobile app that is created is functional across multiple mobile operating systems with great efficiency is known as cross platform compatibility. Such apps take less time as the codes can be reused and also at a significantly lower price.

Takes a Short Time to Develop: 

React Native developers can easily move the entire code or just parts of it between various mobile platforms by using the react native platform. This means that if you have chosen Android and iOS for your app, then the developers need to just compile it to the required frame. The great thing about React Native is that you only have to develop a single piece of code and use if for many platforms. This saves you the double cost and this is simply great for your startup company.

Low Maintenance Cost:

The core philosophy of React Native development is one code without any fuss. This makes the maintenance of React Native mobile apps quick and easy as the software receives the best of both the platforms. The maintenance of Android and iOS apps are usually poles apart and this gives the developers a tough time. Native apps also need regular updating, patching and troubleshooting, which is rather time consuming. But with React, maintenance is a lot simpler and consumes less time.

Easy Team Management:

React native developers can work on the same modules irrespective of the mobile platform that they are targeting. In other words, there is no need of different tools, resources to create a platform specific app. This allows easy and quick management of the team and this again reduces the overall operational costs.


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With native apps, you need to support varied dimensions and configurations to handle certain device specific features and this makes the development process rather expensive. React Native allows a digital ecosystem for cross platform apps and this saves the developers team a lot of their crucial time.

Easy Integration:

Cross platform apps have a great impact on the internal programming of the devices and this helps to reduce the effort of mobile app developers in integrating such apps with any other existing apps. React Native apps work similar to a native app with default apps like the GPS, camera and etc. since time and money both are reduced, this means low costs.

Scalability and Availability:

Cross platform apps that are developed are always easy to push into the apps stores of Google and Apple. This is the best means to maximize the outreach and increase the user base.  The availability of the applications for the installation work wonders when it is all about monetizing. Since such apps are easier to create by using the recycled codes, they are also highly scalable and helps in reducing the development costs.


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