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Importance of HR Department in an Organization

Human resource is an integral part of any organization. Great stress is laid on implementing an effective human resource system in an organization. There are lots of department in an organization that makes use of human resource to setup strategic…

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Employee Motivation – Motivation Factors

Motivation works on several platforms and in different aspects of life. Inspiration is something which is mostly self-developed and some other times, If we take corporate field as an example, one of the most important tasks for a manager is…

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Recession And India

Battling recession could have painful side effects. These are tough times for job seekers and employees across the world. As the corporate world reels under an economic recession, more and more people are losing their jobs in the US.Now the…

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Analyse Your Competitors for a Successful Internet Marketing Strategy

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management, as defined in Wikipedia, is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and…

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Today, everyone is talking about Squidoo lenses. Although it is not new for the regular web surfers and Internet user, but thought it might be of interest for those who are new to this field or by any chance have…

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Google's Anti net-neutrality

Google’s Anti net-neutrality

Network neutrality is the principle that is proposed for potentially every network which says that Internet users should be in control about the type of content they view and kind of applications they use on the Internet. Since a very…

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Web 3.0

Ever thought of going to a romantic movie with your partner and then for a dinner thereafter at a peaceful restaurant? Well there may have been various times and for every time you want to go out- you boot up…

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Integrated Web Marketing

Pay per click (PPC) and Search engine optimization are two parts or components of search engine marketing. The main purpose of search engine marketing is to increase the popularity of a website or number of websites by improving their ranking…

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Global Meltdown Benefits to Indian IT

Global Meltdown: Benefits to Indian IT

With the world in the grip of the global financial crisis / crunch with Lehman brothers going burst, and AIG buyout by US government, India will not remain untouched as it’s not an isolated island given its economic integration with…

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