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Website Development Cost: Complete Guide 2024

Looking to create a website of your own? You are at the right place! Choosing to get a website developed is a decision that requires considering various factors.


The very first consideration is website making cost. Knowing how much you will have to spend and in which areas will give you a rough cost estimation.

A website is a powerful marketing strategy that can easily get your business clients from across the globe. If developed thoughtfully with all the factors in place, your website can be the most profitable advertising tool for your business.


Developing a website is a lot about considering different cost factors. These cost aspects may include the developer’s expertise, the size of the website, geographic location and so on. Therefore, when developing websites, you must have the required information. The guide here will provide you with all the details regarding the factors (cost) under the below-mentioned headlines:

  • Factors affecting website making cost in 
  • Cost based on the complexity of development
  • Website development cost based on region
  • Cost based on the choice of development, and
  • The criteria for choosing the right development firm

Let’s get going!

1. Factors affecting website making cost 

Depending upon the factors that affect website making cost, we can group the elements (based on development aspects) into three different criteria:

  • The design aspect
  • The frontend
  • The backend

The design aspect

The UI/UX is an important aspect of the website to help it rank and grow in popularity. The more enticing the website looks the more it is capable of holding users. Therefore, the designs of your website will matter to entice users not only to stay there for long but also to act.


Ensure you have researched in depth about the look and feel of your website. Make sure the navigation is in place, and viewers get a great experience when browsing through your site.

The frontend development

The frontend of your website encompasses everything that your visitors see and interact with. Frontend development typically commences after the UI/UX design phase and can vary significantly in cost depending on the expertise and team size.


A seasoned front-end development expert brings extensive experience and skills in building sophisticated products. They are proficient in a range of frontend programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Vue, React, jQuery, and Swift among others. The key factors that influence the cost of front-end development include the complexity of animations and the responsiveness of the website. Frontend development costs can range from approximately $1,000 to $12,500

The backend development

As a crucial aspect of website making, the backend development holds importance to determine the website price. A robust backend is needed for powering a website with exceptional features. In case you have a powerpack backend, it can easily handle data analysis, and storage, and ensure smooth website operation.


Several factors impact backend development costs, such as non-standard data processing, third-party service integration, and complex queries. Backend development costs typically range from $4,000 to $12,500. Top backend technologies include Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, Spring Boot, CakePHP, Node.js, and Nest.js.

Cost of Additional Factors

Added to all the above-written factors, other considerations like domain purchase, website maintenance cost and cost of website hosting will also matter when determining the overall website development cost.  

2. Cost based on the complexity of development

The complexity of websites also plays a crucial role in determining the cost of development. From websites with basic features to website with advanced features, the cost will vary as described below.

website development cost

Basic website with minimal features

A website having simple features like CMS integration, custom designs, and a simple backend is the most basic kind of website. A basic website development will cost around $15000- $25000 based on the functionality that a website owner would choose to have. The development time may be around 1-3 months.


The development of a basic website will need a team consisting of developers, testers, project managers, designers, and a team that offers website maintenance services.

Website with medium complexity

A bit more complex than basic websites, sites with medium complexity must be optimised regularly to serve the clients in the best way. The features of a medium-complexity website include customising the design, third-party integration, a robust front and backend, and so on.


The team required to manage such a website is all the same as it will be with others. However, the cost of development will be around $40,000-$100,000. The time for development may be of any length around 4-6 months.

Websites with complex architects

Creating a website with complex architecture demands multifunctional integrations, a robust design, and a cloud system. Such a site typically features multiple databases, a top-tier UI/UX design, intricate front-end interactions, and a sizable maintenance team.


Developing a complex website requires the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver substantial value. The average website development cost. for developing such a site ranges from $80,000 to $200,000, with a timeframe of 9-12 months for completion.

3. Website development cost based on region

The region where you would choose to develop your website will also have an impact on the cost of development. The development cost will vary depending on the cost of labour and the expertise of developers. Here is a chart to showcase what the cost from various geographic locations looks like.

4. Cost based on the choice of development

Your choice of development i.e. getting a website developed either from a company or freelancer or from any other source will have a bigger impact on the choice of development. Here is a brief on how much each of these choices will cost:

Hiring a website development team

Hiring a web development team can significantly simplify the process. This is possible because they (development teams) are available to offer services as per the client’s requirements. A web development agency offers extensive experience in managing complex projects and ensures timely delivery. Contradictory to freelance developers, the agencies can easily manage and provide a vast number of services at a manageable cost. 


Added to that, in case the freelancer is not experienced enough to provide the services, your website may not have the look and feel you wish to have.  Additionally, whether you require a custom website built from scratch or seek to enhance your existing frontend and backend functionality, a professional web development team can efficiently fulfil your needs. Typically, website development cost may be anywhere between $75,000 to $150,000.

Hiring a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is another option that is suitable for projects that need immediate attention. Freelancers are easy to communicate with, which makes the development process smooth. The charge for hiring freelancers can start from $10,000 and range up to $15,000 or more depending upon the requirement of development.


The pros of working with freelancers are that you need to communicate only with a single professional, which is easy and doesn’t involve layers of communication as it can be the case with other forms of hiring. Another benefit comes in the form of the cost aspect, which is much less than other forms of hiring developers.

Building an in-house development team

There is another option of building an in-house team to get your website developed. However, it involves lot of costing and hiring professionals for the job. This would require efforts and investing finances in arranging a team of developers, testers and every one to ensure the team is capable enough to develop any required website.


Choosing to build a team to start development can take considerable time, which is not ideal in case you want your website to get developed immediately. Therefore, this option can prove to be a lot expensive and may need you to take considerable efforts, which may delay the website development process.

5. The criteria for choosing the right development firm

A team of developers that can differentiate your website from others can effectively conclude a number of other tasks. Therefore, choosing an experienced development team is crucial for the success of the website. A development team that has good years of experience will understand the specific business requirements and will do the justice to offer the services.


Also, an experienced website development team will give you a competitive quote for website development cost. They will communicate regularly to provide services like support and maintenance even after the project gets delivered.

Here are some of the criteria to choose the right development firm:

Experience of the company

The experience of a web design and development company is crucial in positioning your business. Thus, it is important to research the company’s past projects before choosing it. Evaluate the expertise of the website development team you are considering, review client testimonials to verify their credibility, and get to know their work procedure before selecting.

Portfolio analysis

A reliable web design and development company should have a team of highly skilled web developers. Hence, it is essential to first understand the structure of the web development team and assess the profiles of the developers who will be working on your website. Reviewing their profiles will help you gauge their level of expertise.

Maintaining a single point of contact

Miscommunication is one of the biggest reasons why companies fail to get success in their website development attempts. However, this disadvantage can be addressed by maintaining a single point of contact within a website development team. This means having one person responsible for your project needs. The person can easily keep you informed about every development including website development cost and therefore the development will go forward as planned.

Client reviews and testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials help to evaluate the credibility of a website development firm. In case, they have already served a client that has come with similar requirements, you can evaluate their performance and find out whether they will be a right fit. Choosing a company with good years of experience will remain a profitable decision.

How IDS Logic can help you with website development services?   

IDS Logic has been providing website development services for a decade now and thus has gained extensive industry experience. The team of developers keeps a streamlined approach when offering development/ designing assistance to the clients.


We have a separate team of professionals who look after every requirement and ensure that it gets delivered with the right customisation in it. We deal in various technologies in mobile and website development and therefore we have a vast portfolio of services that can help clients with any level of custom service.

In case, you do have any such requirement, the team of IDS Logic is all there to provide development services as required.


1. How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of developing a website specifically depends upon the requirements that clients would need to fulfil. Different websites have different functionality, and therefore the cost of development will always differ. The cost of development also depends upon the experience of developers and the complexity of websites.

2. How much does website outsourcing cost?

Outsourcing website development is a cost-effective method. It saves lots of money and effort. It ensures that communication goes as planned and therefore the result achieved is as per the expectation. In order to ensure the development happens as planned, it is important to check the experience of the company and have a look at their previous projects.

3. How much time does it take to develop a website?

The time for any development is directly proportioned to the requirements asked by the clients. The complexity of the project also plays a role in finding out the time. In general, a basic website can take up to 3 months or more as the development time.

4. What is the benefit of developing a website?

Having a website is a great marketing tool. With your website, it becomes easy to reach out to clients irrespective of geographic boundaries. This ensures you have a larger audience to cater to. Added to that a better website ranking on search engines allows visibility to the business. 


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