Is Your Sitefinity Website Slow A Big Image May Be a Big Problem

Is Your Sitefinity Website Slow? A Big Image May Be a Big Problem

To build an attractive website, it is very important to add relevant images together with the content so that it helps the visitors to have a clear understanding of the site.

We know that effective web pages have to be amazing and the images always play a vital role in it. But for the developers and the designers adding a crystal clear photo to your website and making it perform at its peak is no easy task.

But at the same time we also know that images play a great role in hampering the performance of the site and your web images can really cost you a lot.


Why is My Sitefinity Website so Slow?


If you have observed that your website takes a long time to load, then chances are that your site is slow because of your large images.

Mostly the images are highly polished, and professionally designed website may often load with massive imagery that might be attractive, but it may compromise on your loading time.


“If you have created a Sitefinity based website, then it’s a good idea to plan how you want to use the images on your website and also consider the ideal dimensions that you should use.”






Though you might need a big image for your website design for that fancy and full screen background effect, but many sites load the images that display on only small pixel windows. Resizing the images to accurately fit the display area can often save the load on your Sitefinity website.


How Resizing May Help?

Whenever you upload an image, your Sitefinity website can automatically generate many versions with the different and pre-determined sizes. The different sizes can be used for your pages or for your templates. For example:

150X150 px news list thumbnail

600×300 px full article header image

300×300 px featured article thumbnail

You only have to upload and the Sitefinity will work with scaling, cropping and saving a separate file for the dimensions.


How can You Get Started with Optimizing the Images?

Slow websites are often frustrating for the end users and they may not wait for your website to load. They will simply leave your site and move on to some other. 

If you have a business website, then you should know that Google prefers fast websites and if you are using large images than the images should be optimized. Images that are larger than 180KB can slow down your website and when you have more images, then you may face typical issues.


Identify the large images: It may be difficult to choose the large images, but watch out for large featured images or those that are uncompressed.


Organize the files: It is recommended that you have a proper plan to optimize your image and save them in specific folders. This will make the entire process more efficient and also help to find anything that you might need later on.


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Set the sizes It is here where you can tell Sitefinity the sizes that you want to create while you upload the images. This should be determined beforehand, but you can also add new sizes according to your choice.


Upload the images: Once you tell Sitefinity about the size, you can start uploading and as long as you do so, it will make the task easier for the content editors.


So to conclude, the easiest means to improve the performance of your Sitefinity application is to check all your images and measure and analyze them for best performance results.



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