Top 10 SharePoint Migration Tools to Consider in 2024 (Expert Guide)

Owned by Microsoft, SharePoint has remained a pivotal platform for businesses to increase their productivity. The platform is just exceptional for collaborating and managing the team while being flexible.


As businesses thrive and expand in today’s rapidly evolving environment, the volume of data they generate and manage grows exponentially. To effectively handle this increasing data load, organisations often find it necessary to upgrade to a newer version of SharePoint migration tool or consider transitioning to cloud-based solutions.


This strategic decision not only ensures scalability and flexibility but also provides enhanced accessibility and improved data management capabilities.

What is SharePoint Migration?

Think of SharePoint migration as relocating your digital assets, which includes data, content, and other crucial information from one Microsoft SharePoint environment to another.

Companies can also make use of the SharePoint online migration tool to upgrade to a newer version of the platform. Such a service can also be about migrating data to the cloud while understanding how information is structured.


The primary goal of SharePoint migration is to ensure a seamless transition. This transition will also ensure that your data is secure and functional when it is transferred to a new location.

When considering SharePoint migration there should be a careful strategy planned beforehand. This will further include, first, assessing the current setup; second, determining the best migration approach; third, executing the move, and then performing thorough checks to ensure everything is in order.

The write-up below covers the following SharePoint Migration Tool:

  1. AvePoint DocAve

  2. Lightning Migrator


  4. HarePoint

  5. Metalogix

  6. ShareGate Migration Tool

  7. Cloudsfer

  8. Nintex for SharePoint

  9. Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

  10. Dockit SharePoint Manager



  1. AvePoint DocAve

AvePoint DocAve stands out as a robust SharePoint migration solution, crafted to streamline the transition from older systems to the latest SharePoint or Office 365 versions. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make transferring large data sets easy and efficient. This ensures no data loss while the data is being transferred.

Features of AvePoint DocAve

  • AvePoint DocAve offers central command and helps manage a lot of hybrid environments
  • This SharePoint online migration tool is built to scale, ensuring regular business profits
  • DocAve is flexible and easy to host on local servers
  • The tool’s architecture is easy to expand to meet the requirements of the business.

Pricing: The starting price for AvePoint DocAve is $499 per month that can further be customised.

  1. Lightning Migrator

Lightning Migrator is an advanced SharePoint migration tool tailored for both large-scale as well as enterprise-level migrations. It boasts high-performance capabilities, enabling swift and efficient migration of billions of files at once. With features like pre-migration scanning, automated permission mapping, and incremental migrations, Lightning Migrator streamlines the entire migration process.

Features of Lightning Migrator

  • Lightning Migrator has comprehensive security features
  • The tool helps to maintain compliance with industry standards
  • It is the best-suited migration tool for the finance and healthcare industry
  • This SharePoint migration tool reduces downtime

Pricing: NA


PCVITA adds the required trust that a SharePoint migration tool must have. While the tool has been designed to offer easy migration capabilities to enterprises, it also helps to ensure the integration of the tool. The tool supports the migration of bulk data extremely well. This ensures even the bulk migration doesn’t experience any downtime. 

Features of PCVITA

  • PCVITA, the SharePoint migration tool has advanced reporting features
  • There is an advanced reporting feature as well with the tool
  • Offers detailed insight into the business
  • Provides detailed insight into the migration process as well

Pricing: The starting price for PCVITA is $49 for one-time.

  1. HarePoint

HarePoint is the right choice of tool for businesses looking for data migration from on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint online. The tool helps in seamless and efficient data migration. It thus remains helpful to keep the data intact when migration is happening. With HarePoint, it becomes easier to map the data and reduce the chance of data loss as well as data duplication. In addition to all these benefits, the tool offers an automated scheduling option.  

Features of HarePoint

  • Provides advanced mapping solution
  • HarePoint is an effective analysis solution
  • This SharePoint migration tool offers detailed analytics report
  • Offers ready to use models for a number of tasks

Pricing: NA

  1. Metalogix

Metalogix stands out as a highly dependable and effective SharePoint migration tool. The tool is most popular for providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions. It thus empowers organisational efficiency when it comes to planning, executing, and ensuring seamless migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365. Metalogix, the SharePoint online migration tool is adaptable and it allows for seamless content migration from a variety of sources, including file systems, Exchange Public Folders, and different collaboration platforms.

Features of Metalogix

  • Metalogix is the go-to tool for handling even complex SharePoint migration
  • Efficient to manage large volumes of data
  • The online SharePoint migration tool offers an advanced scheduling option
  • The tool also provides real-time monitoring features

Pricing: The starting price for Metalogix begins at $2999.

  1. ShareGate Migration Tool

ShareGate is a well-known SharePoint migration tool for streamling a migration process. With this tool, the transition of content from on-premises environments to SharePoint Online or Office 365, is secure and reliable. The SharePoint migration app’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for businesses to migrate documents, sites, lists, and permissions with minimal effort. ShareGate comes with powerful scheduling and automation features. The migration tool therefore ensures smooth execution.

Features of ShareGate migration tool

  • ShareGate migration tool has an outstanding set of auditing and reporting capability
  • The migration offers deep insights into every migration activity
  • Helps businesses to track the progress
  • The tools to troubleshoot issues (if found while performing migration)

Pricing: NA.

  1. Cloudsfer

Being a robust SharePoint online migration tool, Cloudsfer has been designed to offer transfer and backup of files to a diverse range of environments. The set of benefits includes seamless migration while supporting transfer from the cloud-to-cloud environment. It also facilitates data transfer from the on-premise set-up to the cloud environment. The tool allows integration with 20 leading providers of Cloud storage. It thus facilitates seamless connectivity of tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many others.

Features of Cloudsfer

  • Cloudsfer ensures multi-data user migration
  • The tool offers scalable migration facilities
  • Cloudsfer allows accuracy of the data that has been transferred
  • The tool manages migration and ensures scalability as well

Pricing: The basic plan for Cloudsfer starts with $25 per month and goes to standard and pro for $100/ month and $250/ month respectvely

  1. Nintex for SharePoint

Organisations often seek SharePoint CMS Solutions to enhance content creation, collaboration, and management within SharePoint besides their requirement of a robust migration tool. Nintex offers a user-friendly CMS solution that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. It simplifies tasks with drag-and-drop functionality, enabling users to create workflows, automate processes, and manage content effortlessly. Adding Nintex can significantly improve your SharePoint experience, particularly after migrating content.

Features of Nixtex

  • The SharePoint tool helps to identify and manage business processes
  • Nixtex helps in automating the migration process
  • The tool also ensures optimising the migration
  • Nixtex leverages SharePoint infrastructure

Pricing: The starting price for Nintex is $625 per month.

  1. Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

Created by Microsoft, this SharePoint migration tool is a great offering for businesses that have smaller migration requirements. Away from fancy features that other highly paid migration tools offer, this SharePoint tool is a smart pick for smaller moves. 

Features of Microsoft SharePoint migration tool

  • A free-to-use Microsoft SharePoint migration tool
  • A great choice for performing basic SharePoint migration
  • This Microsoft SharePoint migration tool facilitates smaller moves
  • A great tool for small-enterprises

Pricing: NA

  1. Dockit SharePoint Manager

Dockit SharePoint Manager is a feature-rich SharePoint migration tool. The tool makes it easy to tag additional content as well as metadata with a single click. The tool facilitates easy scheduling of migration while easily handling complex as well as simple migration.

Features of Dockit SharePoint Manager

  • Dockit SharePoint Manager helps manage the inventory, tasks, and the project as well
  • The SharePoint migration tool also facilitates time and expense tracking
  • The tool helps in data import and export
  • Workflow management gets extremely easy with Dockit SharePoint Manager

Pricing: NA

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a SharePoint Migration Tool




Now that we have covered the top ten SharePoint migration tool, let’s have a look at its importance and consideration before choosing such a tool.

Why to Use SharePoint Migration Tools?

SharePoint migration tool leverages advanced collaboration capability, efficient content management benefit, and seamless integration with every other Microsoft application. This empowers teams to work more cohesively, make informed decisions, and adapt quickly to the changes that today’s dynamic digital landscape demands.


Before we start our discussion on various SharePoint migration tools, we will provide an in-depth insight into what to look for when choosing the right migration tool, the features, and the benefits of SharePoint migration tool.

Added to that, the article here will brief the 10 best SharePoint online migration tools. This will provide insight into all these tools and will help you decide the best one for your requirements.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Migration Tool?

There are several considerations that you must keep in mind when choosing the right SharePoint migration tool. Some of those features are listed below here.

Robust data security

During migration, it’s crucial to prioritise data security. Businesses should opt for migration tools for SharePoint that offer strong encryption. The tool must also have the capability of providing other security measures to protect this sensitive data. This approach minimises the risk of data breaches, ensuring data remains confidential throughout the migration process. Choosing tools with robust security features allows businesses to migrate data to SharePoint maintaining the highest levels of data privacy.

Intuitive user interface

An Intuitive user interface ensures effortless navigation while using a SharePoint migration tool. Intuitive designs make it easier for users to understand and operate any tool. Added to that, a well-designed tool for migration streamlines the entire process, makes the learning curve easier for users, and enables them to effectively transfer the data.

Data compatibility

Businesses manage diverse data types. It includes documents, images, videos, and audio files. When choosing a SharePoint migration tool, it’s vital to select one without SharePoint migration tool limitations. Website owners should also look for a tool that supports migrating various file formats and ensures compatibility across systems and versions. This guarantees accurate migration of all data to SharePoint, regardless of its format or complexity.

Advanced data mapping

Advanced data mapping allows for sourcing data structure to the corresponding location. This feature is needed to achieve a successful data migration. This feature ensures the data is successfully mapped and organised in the corresponding environment. Advanced data mapping allows businesses to avoid confusion during the migration process. It also allows the business to place and organise the data successfully.

Seamless data transfer

A SharePoint migration tool plays a crucial role in securely transferring data between environments. This transfer aims to prevent loss, duplication and disruption as well. Selecting a dependable, robust tool is essential for ensuring a smooth, error-free migration process and minimising the associated risks.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration Tools

SharePoint Migration Tools have a number of benefits that come along with the choice of the right tool from the right stack. Here is a brief on some of the benefits.

  • Versatile

SharePoint migration tools provide a broad array of capabilities. This versatility makes the migration tools adaptable to different data types and environments. As a result, they can manage diverse file formats, databases, and platforms, simplifying the migration process for businesses and ensuring seamless transitions without concern about the tool’s compatibility.

  • Efficiency

While using the SharePoint migration tool, the efficiency of the tool allows streamlining the transfer of the data. SharePoint has a built-in capability to automate the mapping capability of a SharePoint tool resulting in reduced time and the need for migration, manually. This promises increased productivity as a result.

  • Affordable

Comparing a manual process with one that is programmed in advance is always cost-effective. Therefore, businesses with complex data sets always require efficient and cost-effective methods. Such an approach minimises the interference of manual labour therefore reducing the overall cost as well. 

  • Automation

Migration tools for SharePoint have automated capabilities. This ensures the business processes are automated, all the tasks are streamlined, and the risk of repetitive tasks never becomes a problem. This saves time, eliminates the chances of errors that are involved in manual assistance, and lessens the effort involved in the procedure.

How IDS Logic can help you with SharePoint migration services?

IDS Logic is a trusted technology partner that caters to a wide range of development services. Our team of experts is committed to offering top-notch development services, SharePoint being an important one. Here is how IDS Logic can cater to clients with SharePoint migration services:

# Detailed analysis

We take a detailed analysis of projects before initiating services. We are committed to understanding unique business needs to identify potential project challenges and offer services accordingly.

# Customisation

Our customisation services form an important part of the entire migration package. Our team of dedicated developers closely works with businesses to understand their requirements and offer customised SharePoint migration services.

# User-centric services

We design user-friendly interfaces so that users can have a great experience while browsing through a website that has been migrated to SharePoint. Such an intuitive interface helps to streamline the browsing curve for the users.

# On-going support

Our commitment to the client’s success is not limited to the development and designing phase. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the site remains up-to-date while we provide. We have separate packages also for offering ongoing maintenance support.

In Conclusion

The success of your SharePoint migration will majorly depend upon the choice of your SharePoint migration tool. Therefore, it becomes critical to not only choose the right tool but also get services from an experienced SharePoint development company. As you will move through your migration needs the experience of the chosen company will matter to offer exceptional services.



1. What is the significance of a SharePoint migration tool?

Utilising a SharePoint migration tool is an excellent method to transition your current business system to SharePoint, enhancing content management. Many businesses opt for SharePoint migration tools to upgrade their systems to the latest SharePoint version and leverage additional features, including advanced data security, increased efficiency, and scalability as well.

2. Are there any SharePoint migration tool limitations?

SharePoint Migration is an excellent option for advancing to a better version of any existing platform. Having a number of benefits, SharePoint migration doesn’t have major limitations other than the fact that the maximum file size allowed will depend on the location of the source content.

3. Can I get SharePoint Migration Services from IDS Logic?

Yes, we offer SharePoint migration services that are competitive and at par industry standards. We have been providing a number of migration facilities also around other technologies too. For more information, you can directly reach out to us.

4. How much cost does SharePoint migration involve?

The cost of migration service depends upon the size of the migration to be performed. Depending upon the project size, the cost of SharePoint migration varies from project to project. We can help you with exact cost estimation after a thorough assessment of the project.  


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