10 Best Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Need a WP maintenance mode plugin? You are on the right track! Keep on reading to know everything about WordPress maintenance mode plugins.


There is a lot to consider when it is about selecting maintenance mode WordPress plugins. Whether it is the process of building or rebuilding your website, there could be a possibility of turning off your website while the process is on.

This awkward-in-between phase can be frustrating for visitors and therefore it is way better to let your visitors know the status.


WordPress maintenance plugins provide the much-required visual curtain that you can display as a “Coming Soon” or “Under Maintenance” page. This helps you get the required information from visitors and then connect with them through your social media pages.

As maintenance is an essential part of keeping your websites updated, it requires you to keep your visitors in the loop. Therefore, using the WordPress site plugin in maintenance mode is essential.


This guide will provide you with the desirable insight on WordPress maintenance plugins with the mention of the 10 best maintenance mode plugins.

But before we explain in depth let’s understand the basics!

What is a WordPress maintenance mode plugin and why it is important?

wordpress maintenance mode plugins

A WordPress maintenance mode plugin is a handy tool that allows you to create a temporary page for your entire website or specific pages. This feature is ideal for teasing the launch of a new product, features, or when your website is under maintenance mode. Once the new content is ready, the plugin seamlessly removes the maintenance mode and publishes the new content.


WordPress maintenance mode plugins offer an easy way to develop, customise and deploy pages that are either under maintenance or are being launched.

  • Boost your SEO performance: Boosting the SEO performance of your website is directly related to improved domain authority, which is easy to achieve with continued maintenance.
  • Help grow email list: Website owners can start a pre-sales campaign that can help in collecting leads.
  • Helps create the market for your product: Your under-maintenance page can help you start a pre-sales campaign right from a single maintenance page.

What to Consider When Choosing WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins?

Knowing what to look forward to when selecting a WP maintenance mode plugin is essential to ensure you have picked up it rightly. Specific factors to consider include:

  • Customisation features: An excellent plugin will offer various customisation options. This helps to customise features so that they can easily align with the brand image.
  • Support and update: Regular support and updates are important for plugins to work at their maximum. This also keeps security threats at bay making it tough for hackers to cause harm to your website.
  • User-friendliness: WordPress maintenance mode plugins that you will choose must offer user-friendly features making it easy for beginners to use with a user-friendly interface as well.
  • Compatibility: Choose a plugin that is compatible with your WordPress plugin. In case, your theme is not compatible, it can easily break your site.
  • Free Vs. Paid: Consider whether a free plugin suits your requirement the best or a premium plugin will be the needed solution. Premium plugins have added features and functionality that offer extended benefits.
  • SEO-friendly: The chosen plugin should be SEO-friendly to help your website rank higher in search engines.
  • Responsiveness: Your maintenance page must be responsive enough to load on different devices. Page responsiveness allows your mobile users to have the best browsing experience.

10 Best Maintenance Mode Plugins for WordPress

1. SeedProd

As one of the most popular WordPress maintenance mode plugins, the offering does much more than just maintenance. SeedProd helps to create landing pages that are creative, high-converting and professional in look and feel. With SeedProd it becomes easier to create landing pages without the knowledge of designing and coding.


The plugin offers a free drag-and-drop visual page builder that comes with 500,000+ free stock images. With these images, you can easily add elements such as images, videos, headers, custom text and more.

The features of SeedProd

  • A lightweight plugin that easily integrates with different software systems
  • Referral tracking for maintenance mode
  • Social flow and share available with pre-loaded Google forms
  • Provides the option to add a custom logo

Rating: SeedProd has a 5-star rating on the WordPress repository.

Pricing: SeedProd WP maintenance mode plugin is available in basic, plus, pro, and elite plans wherein the basic plan starts from $39.

2. Divi

Divi is one of the most widely used WordPress theme builder plugins. As one of the most used maintenance mode WordPress plugins, Divi offers exceptional functionality to get you a complete visual builder to help you create a web page from scratch or through the use of a pre-built template.


Divi can be utilised as a complete theme or as a standalone theme builder plugin Users get a variety of pre-built templates in Divi. This plugin is a versatile tool that is a theme and a plugin.

The features of Divi

  • A drag-and-drop visual builder with exceptional functionality
  • Acts as a marketplace of third-part apps helping to extend the functionality
  • One-click import for pre-built themes
  • Helps save and manage the designs effortlessly

Rating: Divi has a 4.5 star rating out of 5.

Pricing: Divi is available in basic and pro plan. Basic plan starts from $89 per year.

3. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode stands out as a distinctive WordPress maintenance mode plugin, offering a plethora of features for free. However, it adopts a model where it promotes its premium products within the WordPress dashboard. One notable drawback of WP Maintenance Mode is its compatibility issue with cache plugins.


If you use this plugin alongside cache plugins, you’ll either need to clear your cache every time you make a change on your site or temporarily disable the cache plugin.

The features of WP Maintenance Mode

  • Social sharing options with countdown timers
  • Contact and subscription form available
  • Advance admin access features
  • Design customisation tools available

Pricing: WP Maintenance Mode has a pricing of $59 for a lifetime.

Rating: WP Maintenance Mode has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on WordPress repository.

4. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

The features of Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

  • Works exceptionally well with all WordPress versions
  • A fully responsive easy-to-install plugin
  • Provides options to set meta description and keywords
  • Highly customisable under construction page

Pricing: As an all-in-one solution for landing pages, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode’s pricing starts from $59 per year.

Rating: This WP maintenance mode plugin has a rating of 4.2 out of 5

5. Slim Maintenance Mode

Slim Maintenance Mode is a simple WordPress site plugin in maintenance mode that can be activated whenever you need to make changes to your site. It’s open source, so it’s free to use.


While your site is in maintenance mode, visitors will see a maintenance screen, but you, as the site admin, and other users with administrative roles who are logged in, can still access the full site and make changes. You’ll receive an alert message when the plugin is active. To improve SEO, the plugin sends an HTTP response status code of 503 Service Unavailable, which informs search engines that your site is temporarily down and prevents them from crawling it, thus avoiding potential negative impacts on your site’s rankings.

The features of Slim Maintenance Mode

  • When plugin is active, it sends an alert message
  • Compatible with a range of themes
  • Sends an HTTP response status code of 503 Service Unavailable, which is very relevant for search engines
  • Supports some Cache plugin

Pricing: Slim Maintenance Mode is available free of cost.

Rating: Slim Maintenance Mode has a 5-star rating.

6. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin

The Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin provides a straightforward yet effective method to create a coming soon or launch page for your website. As one of the popular WordPress maintenance mode plugins, it seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme and offers a plethora of customisation options to tailor the appearance of your page.


Additionally, it enables you to gather subscriber information and integrates with email service providers for convenient communication with them. This highly adaptable plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes.

The features of the Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin 

  • The pro version offers 200+ themes
  • Works well with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Every element of this plugin is easy to configure
  • Provides an option to preview the Coming Soon or maintenance page before activating

Pricing: Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is available for free on the WordPress repository.

Rating: Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin has a 4.5 rating out of 5

7. Under Construction Plugin

This WordPress maintenance mode plugin is among the few plugins that help site owners to schedule coming pages as well as maintenance mode on websites. It takes just a few minutes to install and configure the plugin. This plugin is easy to use, efficient, user-friendly and comes with a lot of features for users.


Under Construction Plugin has a pro version that has additional functionality. The pro version also has drag & drop builder and 300+ templates as well. The plugin offers multilingual support.

The features of Under Construction Plugin

  • Option to on/ off under construction mode
  • Google Analytics tracking available
  • Description, content and headline display available
  • Social links available

Pricing: Pricing for the Under Construction Plugin starts from $39 per year.

Rating: Under Construction Plugin has a 5-star rating on the WordPress repository.

8. Elementor Maintenance Mode

Elementor is a flexible page builder WP maintenance mode plugin that lets you create your website on the front end, allowing you to see the changes in real time. Additionally, it features a built-in maintenance mode that prevents visitors from accessing your site but still allows administrator access. The maintenance mode feature is user-friendly yet adaptable to your requirements.


Site owners can welcome visitors with a personalised message about the site’s status and anticipated return time. Meanwhile, the entire site remains available to admins to make any necessary changes or fixes.

The features of Elementor Maintenance Mode

  • An open-source plugin available free of cost
  • Provides an option to customise user access
  • Responsive and fast plugin
  • Offers a range of pre-built templates and widgets

Pricing: Elementor Maintenance Mode is available free of cost.

Rating: Elementor Maintenance Mode starts with a basic plan priced at $ 9.99 per month that keeps on increasing with pro and advanced plan.

9. Simple Maintenance

Website owners can quickly set up the Simple Maintenance plugin to display a maintenance mode page, enabling them to work on the site in the background while showing visitors a temporary maintenance page on the front end. As one of the exceptional maintenance mode WordPress plugins, this plugin doesn’t need any extra configuration or setup. Just activate it, and maintenance mode will turn on automatically.


It is lightweight yet robust and utilises an HTML5 layout that ensures the maintenance page is mobile-friendly.

Features of Simple Maintenance Plugin

  • Offers responsive design for maintenance mode
  • Exceptional HTML and CSS designs that load super-fast
  • Easy-to-use maintenance mode plugin
  • Notifies Search engine crawler about the site being in maintenance mode

Pricing: Simple Maintenance is available free of cost to use.

Rating: Simple Maintenance Plugin has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on the WordPress repository. 

10. LightStart (WP Maintenance Mode)

Activate the plugin to add a maintenance page to your blog, indicating to visitors that it is temporarily unavailable. You can also create a coming soon page for a new website or a landing page for an existing site. Users with admin rights will have full access to the blog, including the front end.


Once activated, this WordPress maintenance mode plugin ensures that only registered users with sufficient rights can view the front end. You can include a countdown timer with a date for visitor information or specify a value and unit for providing updates.

Features of LightStart (WP Maintenance Mode)

  • A fully customisable maintenance mode WordPress plugin with a subscription form
  • Provides responsive design with social media icons
  • Works effortlessly with any WordPress theme
  • Offer a number of landing page templates

Pricing: LightStart (WP Maintenance Mode) is completely free to use.

Rating: LightStart (WP Maintenance Mode) has a 4.5 star rating out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WordPress maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode is the status of your website that flashes for users whenever your site undergoes major updates or crucial changes. In order to make visitors aware of the same, a temporary maintenance mode WordPress plugin helps site owners to show the status as “Coming Soon” or “Under Maintenance”

2. Does maintenance mode affect SEO?

If you choose a feature-rich well-designed maintenance mode plugin, your SEO should not be affected when your website is under maintenance. There are some exceptional plugins like SeedProd that are great for such usage.

3. Is it possible to preview the maintenance page before it goes live?

Yes, such plugins are there that can help you with a preview of your website before making it live for visitors. With these plugins, site owners can have a real-time preview of pages allowing them to see changes as they happen.

4. What are the must-have features of maintenance mode plugins?

The essential features of maintenance mode plugins commonly include options to customise features, a subscription form, a countdown timer, a contact form and login access to admins.


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