Microsoft Unveils Upcoming Improvements to SharePoint That Makes the Move Worthwhile

Organizing, updating and sharing business documents is always a continuous headache for business owners and staffs. But Microsoft SharePoint makes it very easy to organize, and manage the documents and also streamline various business processes. Microsoft has improved the SharePoint Admin Center Portal so that it can easily manage all the site, which includes group connected team sites, hub sites and communication sites. Microsoft has also shared some of the most upcoming features, starting with home sites that has just begun to roll out worldwide.

New Branding Capabilities:

Microsoft has stated that it will add some more branding capabilities to SharePoint development so that the companies are able to add custom branding to the SharePoint mobile apps that come with options like adding a logo image, choosing app styles, colors and themes and etc. There are also many branding capabilities for both the website headers and footers that include a new Shy Header option making it possible to hide the header on the website. The company is also coming up with the Fluent Design System for SharePoint websites and changing the color from default blue to teal.

SharePoint development has also received an update with more samples of what a website can look like. This has in fact made it easier to add any specific design that the website owner like if he is an admin.

Modern Internet Information Services (IIS) APIs:

SharePoint has also modernized its integration by using the modern IIS by removing its dependencies on the legacy IIS6 APIs. SharePoint now uses the IIS7 + APIs, which are the latest and best APIs from the IIS team. This enables the users to easily adopt latest IIS features and also stay compatible with future Windows Server releases.

SharePoint Home Page:

The home page of SharePoint will now offer a modern UI experience that gives the users a unified access to all the sites, online and on-premises. This allows the users to seamlessly navigate through the intranet and take a look at all the activities on their sites and provide a personalized view of the team news. The home age is also the launching point for the users who can easily create new or modern sites on a self-service basis. The home page can easily be reached by clicking on the SharePoint icon, which is there in the app launcher.


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You can Now Create Sites in Different Web Apps from the SharePoint Home Page:

The site creation experience in SharePoint home page now supports creating of new sites in different web applications, regardless of whether the web application is on the local farm or a remote farm. It is controlled by the Create Site command that the users select, and create setting on the self-service Site Collection Management page, which is present in the Central Administration. This also supports the non-Default Alternate Access Mapping zones.

File Syncing is Easy with OneDrive Sync App (NGSC)

Users can easily use the new OneDrive sync app instead of using the Groove.exe to sync their files with SharePoint server 2019 and personal sites with the devices. the OneDrive sync app also supports the advanced features like Files On Demand, IRM protection and push notification. SharePoint server now also supports the # and % characters in files and folder names, therefore completing the support for all Windows file and folder name characters. This makes very easy to sync with the content from personal storage devices to SharePoint.

Integration with Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate:

SharePoint development will also bring the cloud closed to the users and the cloud features include Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate. The SharePoint Server 2019 includes the process automation and forms technologies like the Power Apps and Flow that help to connect with the on-premises data.  The features should be configured via the gateway.


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