Why Drupal CMS is the Best Platform for Creating an Emergency Website During COVID-19

Why Drupal CMS is the Best Platform for Creating an Emergency Website During COVID-19

Any crucial situation of crisis can always put your website to test and this has proved in the current situation of covid-19 outbreak. With social distancing and lockdown followed all over the world, it has become heavier than usual reliance on online communications. People are also looking at websites for updated and authoritative information that is specific to their location.

Emergency response has recently gained much prominence like never before and today Government organizations and businesses are taking a lot of care about how to deal with the present situation. Drupal website development services are helping to create emergency response websites with features that are easy to handle.

Here in this blog, we will see how Drupal 8 development helps to create emergency response websites during this global crisis.

Solid Foundation for Covid-19 Response with Drupal 8

Drupal is a popular and flexible content management system that helps to communicate the essential information to the visitors through easy to use, user friendly, responsive websites.  It helps to support the organization’s goals that are on the front lines and offers reliable and secured site and timely updates during the period of pandemic.

The UI/UX Approach Using Drupal to Create an Emergency Website

Design plays a crucial role in every website and during this time it is all the more important to create a website that is user oriented and highly functions for an emergency website. Here we are talking about all the means to reach out to people who might face some of the most difficult moments in their life and need to gather information very fast.

Drupal 8 development has a very good user interface, which is very easy to navigate and the user experience should be designed in a way that considers the psychological conditions that people usually face during an emergency. Drupal 8 website development companies can help to cover all the design aspects and encompass an appropriately diverse audience.

User testing is important and Drupal development is an ideal platform at this time. For example, if you have plans to design a site during the Covid -19 pandemic, then the developers should keep elderly people into consideration and based on that the user interface should be designed so that they can use it easily without any hassles.


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Drupal 8 Development Helps to Consider Different Emergency Situations:

During the lockdown period we are all engaged more with our mobiles and Drupal helps to easily create a responsive website to handle the emergency situation. It helps to prioritize and put user scenarios together for various situations that can be accessed from both the desktop and the mobile devices. Drupal developers can easily categorize the viewers and based on that they can create the menus that can help to reveal information quickly.

For example, quick assistance numbers, chat options with the doctors, a screen reader to the blind and etc. Drupal services help to maximize the findability by allowing high contrast colors, clear type hierarchy, classic interface colors, plain text. It also allows the developers to ensure that in the code, all menu items, buttons and other interface elements are labeled clearly for the screen reader users.

Fast and High Performance Websites:

Another most important factor that Drupal takes into consideration is the website speed.  It helps the users to access the site without having much waiting time and Drupal sites are typically speedy and highly performance. While these emergency sites won’t offer a lot of large images and videos, developers can employ codes that prioritize the delivery of information so that it reaches the users as fast as possible.

Other Factors that can Drive Success:

  • Drupal CMS offers WYSISYG editor, which offers a high degree of flexibility that enables non-technical members to easily communicate and perform in line editing, create new pages, update alerts, add them to the menu, ember videos and images.
  • Drupal site uses Paragraphs, a Drupal module that allows the regions of a page to be easily interchangeable by the content editors and those having high level of permissions can easily publish the content on live websites.

This in a nutshell, choosing Drupal for developing emergency websites ensures that you have the right platform to handle crucial situations and we at IDS Logic can best use every Drupal 8 feature to empower emergency projects across the globe.


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