Why India will Hold the Top Position in the Outsourcing Market During Covid-19

Why India will Hold the Top Position in the Outsourcing Market During Covid-19

The corona pandemic has hit each and every industry in some way or the other, but it is because of the latest technological development that organizations all over the globe has somehow managed to cope up with this universal issue. From industry bodies to government organizations, they have now formed new strategies that can help both the companies and the employees to survive. Since social distancing is something that you have to follow at this moment, companies are looking for expert outsourcing service providers to whom they can outsource their task easily and get it delivered on time.

Software outsourcing is one of the quickest growing industries in India and the sector has a vital role in India’s economic growth with a development rate of almost 60 -70% consistently. Covid -19 has swiftly exposed its vulnerabilities everywhere and service problems are emerging as people have to maintain social distancing also. But today, IT outsourcing is offering solutions and helping organizations to transform digitally and continue with their business. In addition, the work from home mandates are also requiring outsourcing companies in India to ensure that they offer high quality, secure solutions for everyone.

Why India will be an Outsourcing Hub During Covid 19 Pandemic:

Technical Expertise:

India is a land of talented resources and so it can offer the customers across the globe with quality outsourcing services with its infrastructure facilities and innovation. Indian outsourcing companies have kept themselves updated with the most recent technology patterns and availability to work on even the most complex projects. This has given the Indian organizations a lead in the outsourcing market.

Huge Pool of Resources: 

With more than 2.8 million people working in the outsourcing industry and with 2.5 million pass outs every year, it is the best location where you can find huge resources at an affordable cost. Likewise, India has also been a land where English is a common language and this has made the work simpler for customers from the U.K, US and other nations to communicate efficiently and get their work done.

Time Zone Advantage:

Another major factor that has contributed to the growth of India’s outsourcing market during Covid-19 is that it has a special time zone advantage that helps to offer 24×7 services to the customers. Each organization is glad to find out that a software outsourcing partner can now give them a maintenance and support service and helpdesk service any time of the day and this will also help them to complete their work on time while maintaining the quality.

Cost Effective Services:

Another benefit of hiring an Indian outsourcing company is to have highly specialized skills that helps the organizations to offer best solutions at less cost compared to other countries. This is the core reason why India has become the leading outsourcing hub in the work. The flexibility and acceptable pricing helps startups to deal with projects innovatively while saving money and staying within.

This is the best time for the government and other organization and leaders to form a strategy so that India becomes the most favorable destination for offshoring and offers ease of businesses. For this, India also has to train the resources with some advanced skill sets that can support the trajectory and also optimize the cost for global companies. 

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