5 Best Drupal Modules to Use in Your Project

Are you planning to build a Drupal website for your business? You’re on the right track! With the availability of several modules, you can set your website from scratch. The best part is that it will not take much time as you think. This article will help you learn about the leading Drupal modules for your site to add more value to the development process.


Drupal is a renowned content management system that offers various modules to build your dream site. All are open-source and free to use. Furthermore, they’re actively maintained by Drupal experts that makes them highly secure. To get the most out of them, it would be better to have a deep understanding about them.

Now, you must be eager to know what Drupal modules are becoming popular these days. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Here Are Top Modules That We’ve Found To Be Perfect For Your Drupal Project

Admin Toolbar

Admin Toolbar is a well-known Drupal module. With the help of this, it can help in improving the administrative user experience to a great extent. It enhances default toolbar and transforms into a drop-down-menu. Not just this, it boosts accessibility by increasing speed of admin pages.

Webform Module

Another one in the list is Webform Module that is used majorly while creating websites. It’s a powerful form builder that lets you create contact forms, feedback forms, etc. It is both customizable and scalable to meet specific business requirements. It gathers data that gets sent to admin or users and can be exported to spreadsheets for a deeper analysis.  

Layout Builder

The Layout Builder comes with a predefined set of layouts to build attractive pages. In order to use it, you’ve to first get it enabled after installing Drupal. Moreover, it offers a WYSIWYG layout user interface with drag and drop functions. Owing to this fact, it becomes intuitive for beginners and can be customized effortlessly in accordance with business needs.

Twig Tweak Module

There is no doubt that working with complex twigs gives a tough time to developers. This is exactly where Twig Tweak Module comes into limelight. It offers a plethora of features and functions that simplifies the development part a lot. This makes developers to create programs that are easy to understand.

Focal Point

Today, there is a range of display sizes, orientations, and resolutions need to be considered while designing a website. Although, we mostly focus on building desktop and mobile-friendly designs, but it is equally important to design it for the real-world too. With Focal Point module, you can highlight the most crucial part of a picture to keep the focal point in view.

What Things to Be Remembered While Choosing Drupal Modules?

Choosing a Drupal module is a critical task. A lot of things should be kept in mind to make a decision that gives fruitful results. Let’s check out what are they to help you with this.

Compatibility- Make sure that the module should be compatible with your Drupal version before downloading.

Occupies Less Space- Choose a module that is light in weight otherwise it can slow down your site’s performance.

Properly Maintained- Always opt for those modules that are well maintained and published by the developers to ensure safety from cyber threats.

High in Popularity- The modules having maximum downloads is an indication that they’re safe to use, and you can check it on Drupal.org for the same.

Why You Should Seek Professional Assistance for Selecting Drupal Modules?

If you’re struggling to pick the right module for your Drupal website, then a little assistance can go a long way. Speak to a reliable Drupal development agency to discuss your website requirements. They can offer you valuable and unbiased suggestion that aligns with your development needs.


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