IDS Logic India Team Celebrates Diwali in Style

Diwali is one of the biggest and festivals in India, and it holds special significance as workplace celebrations go. With most companies planning for grand celebration, themed activities, sweets and gifts distribution to the employees, we at IDS Logic also came together to celebrate Diwali at our new office in Noida. Here are some updates on the most awaited festival and how we celebrated it in style this year.

The light and decoration:

We all know that Diwali is all about happiness, fun and celebration. The best means to create a bright environment and surrounding is to brighten up the entire workplace and spread happiness all around. Our office was cleaned up thoroughly to welcome the deities and the staffs decorated the office with flowers, diyas, and decorating materials and also created a rangoli made with flowers to add to the festive mood. After performing a small puja where everyone from the office participated, we started with our game activities to make the festival fun-filled for everyone.


Games and activities:

This was Ids Logic’s first Diwali in the new office and undoubtedly the organization had a grand celebration for their employees in Noida. The HR team arranged various interesting activities like the Ablaze Tournament, which consisted of 3 rounds and was a team work. The activities included, Hunting Time, Water Work and Being Super. 7 teams, each consisting of 3 members participated in the game and there was an elimination round in each section. The first three teams to complete the task appropriately were announced as winners. Tambola was another game that was played by all the staffs of the organization and exciting gifts were distributed to the winners and all the participants of the games.


After the activities were over an elaborate special lunch was served to all the employees to ensure that they get a feel of home cooked food. The feast added to the richness of the celebration and everyone was happy to spend some wonderful time together.

The celebration came to an end with the distribution of gifts and sweets to all the staffs of the company and wishing them a very Happy Diwali.



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