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Top 10 Free Moodle Themes to Make your Moodle Appear Elegant

1.”Adaptable” (theme_adaptable)

2.“Essential” (theme_essential)

3.“Academi“ (theme_academi)

4.“Eguru“ (theme_eguru)

5.“Moove“ (theme_moove)

6.“Fordson“ (theme_fordson)

7.“Klass“ (theme_klass)

8.“Roshnilite” (theme_roshnilite)

9.“Campus” (theme_campus)

10.“Elegance” (theme_elegance)



1. Adaptable

The “Adaptable” theme designed by Jez H and Fernando Acedo defied all expectations and in December became the most installed Moodle theme of all times. The theme offers a customizable, responsive, two-column interface designed for a variety of sites.

Downloads in the last 90 days: 18,558



2. Essential

For most of Moodle’s early history, the “Essential” theme was in absolute domination of the Moodle Directory. Maintained by Gareth Barnard, it is still one of the most popular Moodle themes ever. Looking at the efforts in keeping it maintained it seems that it will stay at the top of list for a long time.

Downloads in the last 90 days: 8,436



3. Academi (theme_academi)


This is a new free Moodle theme called ‘Academi’. This is a clean and very modern theme suitable for your Moodle sites and it is fully responsive, meaning your readers can enjoy viewing your site on a mobile or tablet for a seamless experience.



4. Eguru (theme_eguru)

The Guru of Moodle themes is e-Guru – this ultra-responsive Moodle theme with multi-color pattern is free now in the Moodle plugin directory. It has stunning features that is a suitable choice for your educational establishments and offers powerful admin theme setting options.



5. Moove (theme_moove)

Moove offers a modern theme and is simple and focused on the main content. You can minimize both the side columns to enjoy the maximum space in your environment. It is a theme that makes online environments more clean and intuitive for learners and educators.

Its intuitive layout is optimized for online learning, focusing on the things that matters – learning activities and content.



6. Fordson (theme_fordson)

The Fordson theme is focused on students and offers features that help teachers build better courses and students engage with content. Your school is unique and Fordson provides impressive customizations for a professional and modern learning platform.


Fordson extends the core Boost theme to provide a dizzying array of styling options, customized color choosers, enhanced user interactions, improved navigation, and branding opportunities within the theme.  Depending on your needs, Fordson delivers a variety of style presets from bland to grand!



7. Klass (theme_klass)

Klass is a fully responsive theme and is coded with the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3, so that it works on all devices, all browsers, and it does it all seamlessly. Just download and make your e-learn website modern.

A new Modern Responsive Moodle theme ‘Klass’ has been released for your online e-learning websites. This is a very modern theme suitable for your school / college / university and other online educational websites. This theme is fully responsive, meaning that your readers can enjoy viewing your site on an android / ios / all devices for a seamless experience.



8. Roshnilite (theme_roshnilite)

This is another fully responsive (it’s 2019 after all) and feature-heavy theme which provides customizable sections on the front page. The best thing about “Roshnilite” is the number of options available for the appearance of your site. It is developed by the DualCube team.

Downloads in the past 90 days: 1,497



9. Campus (theme_campus)

Co-authored by Gareth Barnard and David Bogner, the “Campus” theme provides full responsiveness, MNet authentication, a built-in slideshow and all the regular features of a Moodle theme. It should not be mistaken with the “Boost Campus” theme.

Downloads in the past 90 days: 1,209




10. Elegance (theme_elegance)

The “Elegance” theme was built by Bas Brands before he enlisted at Moodle HQ. “Elegance” is a two column theme, which provides many customization options.

Downloads in the past 90 days: 378


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