10 Most Important and Worthy SEO Metrics

10 Most Important and Worthy SEO Metrics

You need to be very selective about the most important metrics you track for an SEO campaign or any internet marketing campaign. Checking out Google Analytics can be harrowing at times, with a lot of confusing and inconsequential metrics for every visit, page views, average page load time etc. Reading the reports becomes a real headache with so much to load together.

Be smart. Check only those that matter.

Consider these parameters while deciding what metrics to check?
1. How has the campaign performed?
2. How are visitors consuming your content?
3. How do they engage with it?

Metrics meant for Tracking Campaign Performance:
1. Visits.
2. Goal Completion.
3. Revenue.
4. Goal Conversion Rate.
5. E-Commerce Conversion Rate.

Metrics meant for Tracking Content Consumption:
1. Pageviews.
2. Average Time spent on Website/Pages.
3. Bounce Rate/Bounces.

Metrics meant to Measure Visitor Engagement:
1. Pages/Visits.
2. Unique Social Actions.

Track these and nothing else. They matter most. You know for what reason they ought to be tracked, and you also know what purpose they solve. Be smart and waste less time tracking other inconsequential metrics that are of least help in solving the purpose at hand.

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